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Most Found Caches by Category (shared, public)

List Owner: addisonbr

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Listed by groundspeak category (and a few others), US and non-US caches.

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Metro New York Geocaching Society

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCG4YQ Traditional Cache *US New Mexico - Workers Memorial Park
  400+ finds (2003)  

GC6D43 Virtual Cache Couch, US (Maine) - What in the World Cache?
  4000+ logs (2002)  

GCF55A Virtual Cache Couch, World (Germany) - Four Windows
  9000+ logs (2003)  

GC10ACW Earthcache EarthCache, US (New York) - Bridal Veil Falls
  1000+ logs (2007)  

GCZ8H7 Earthcache EarthCache, World (Germany) - The Cologne Cathedral - A Geological Point of View
  4000+ logs (2006)  

GC23NYH Lost and Found Event Cache Event 10 Years!, US (Ohio) - 10 Years! NorthEast Ohio
  300+ attendees (2010)  

GC23HWM Lost and Found Event Cache Event 10 Years!, World (Czech Republic) - 10 Years! (Praha, Czech republic)
  300+ attendees (2010)  

GC270X2 Cache In Trash Out Event Event CITO, US (Washington) - C.I.T.O. @ GW VIII (7/3/2010)
  600+ attendees (2010)  

GC21WG6 Cache In Trash Out Event Event CITO, World (Germany) - FORTschaffen (6/20/2010)
  300+ attendees (2010)  

GC24GYW Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration Event Lost & Found, US (Washington) - Lost & Found Celebration
  1000+ logs (2010)  

GC1QM7K Mega-Event Cache Event, US (Washington) - Geowoodstock VIII
  2000+ attendees (2010)  

GC20002 Mega-Event Cache Event, World (Germany) - Das Ulmer FORT - 10 Jahre Geocaching
  1000+ attendees (2010)  

GC24YGB GPS Adventures Exhibit GPS Adventures Maze, US (California) - Turtle Bay Park
  600+ logs (2010)  

GC1TEZH GPS Adventures Exhibit GPS Adventures Maze, World (Canada) - The Children’s Museum
  300+ logs (2009)  

GCK25B Groundspeak HQ HQ, US (Washington) - Groundspeak Headquarters
  4000+ finds (2004)  

GC3FB5 Letterbox Hybrid Letterbox, US (New York) - Sacajawea Stumper
  500+ finds (2002)  

GC14QEQ Letterbox Hybrid Letterbox, World (Germany) - Beelitz Heilstätten -Das Labyrinth- LP
  1000+ finds (2007)  

GC5192 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Locationless, US - US FLAG
  4000+ logs (2002)  

GC43F3 Virtual Cache Locationless, World - Brass Cap Cache - Fort Assiniboine
  13,000+ logs (2002)  

GCE02C Multi-cache Multi-cache, US (Louisiana) - VIEW CARRE '
  2000+ finds (2003)  
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