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The Ancient and Venerable Caches of Westchester (shared, public)

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Caches placed in Westchester County prior to December 31, 2001 that are still active. A number of the sixteen remaining caches have two- and three-digit GC designations. Sleepy Hollow (GCAE)(now archived) was the second oldest cache in New York State. As you will note, the first eight were placed by either lucien or clunelaw.

11/14/08 EDIT: With the archiving of Why Me? we are down to fifteen.

12/19/10 EDIT: With the archiving of lucien's Zephyr (#3) and Blue Moon (#10) on account of the geocaching ban at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, we are now down to 13.

11/25/17 EDIT: With the regrettable archiving of Westchester's oldest cache (Sleepy Hollow-1), we are down to 12.

1/10/18 EDIT: The purge of RSPP continues as Elsie's Green Pastures is also archived, leaving us now with 11.

8/10/20 EDIT: With the archiving of Bike trail cache (formerly #7), we are now down to 10.

6/27/21 EDIT: The Watusi Trackable Grand Hotel has been archived. And then there were 9.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCBE Traditional Cache 1: Turkey Cache
  GCBE was placed by lucien on November 20, 2000. With the archiving of Sleepy Hollow-1, this is now the oldest cache in Westchester County.  

GC9D7 Traditional Cache 2: Kerberos Cache
  GC9D7 was placed by lucien on May 20, 2001.  

GCA8F Traditional Cache 3: Over the Ledge Cache
  GCA8F was placed by clunelaw on May 27, 2001.  

GCBC2 Traditional Cache 4: Old MacDonald's Cache
  GCBC2 was placed by clunelaw on June 9, 2001.  

GCC83 Traditional Cache 5: Saxon Woods Cache
  GCC83 was placed by clunelaw on June 15, 2001 and was the cache that sucked me into this addiction.  

GCC84 Unknown Cache 6: Saxon Woods Ge-"O"-Cache
  GCC84 was placed by clunelaw on June 15, 2001. Westchester's first Mystery cache. No puzzle is involved, however, just orienteering.  

GC21C9 Virtual Cache 7: The Sultan of Swat
  "Placed" on October 11, 2001 and is the first and now only remaining original virtual in Westchester (not counting Virtual Rewards caches).  

GC2287 Traditional Cache 8: Baubles, Bangles & Beads
  Placed by Tarrytown Horsemen on October 14, 2001.  

GC2EBF Multi-cache No. 9: Where's George?
  Placed on December 29, 2001. With the archiving of Blue Moon, this is the oldest multi in Westchester County.  
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