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2013 2/8 Die Helden Caches inc Geist des Hagen (shared, public)

List Owner: Cache on Wheels

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Fantastic caches with great audio / visual effects on some
Brilliant for children of all ages.
For those with reduced mobility, if you contact the COs Die Helden family, they are happy to let you know which order and route is the best to take, they recently helped a 83 year old women who wanted to do the Geist des Hagen (ghost of Hagen)
The caches we did included sometimes walking off the track, which I did with the help of my husband.
Mosquito repellent def recommended!

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GC468X7 Unknown Cache Alberich Bonus Germany

GC2586K Multi-cache Alberich der Zwergenkönig Germany
  As of 25/8/13 TSB has 2,063 favourite points and 3,206 found it logs!
It's a great one for children of all ages - there are 10 stations where you have to find information that the datves have left

GC38DP9 Traditional Cache Alberichs Edelsteinturm Germany
  As of 25/8/13 it has 1,339 favourite points and 2,665 found it logs
A great multi for children and can be done alongside the others.

GC468YD Traditional Cache Das Hügelgrab Germany
  Another good one for children, not only for n interesting cache container if you can find the logbook, but good from a history point of view.
It is an ancient burial ground.

GC1948E Multi-cache Das verschwundene Logbuch
  As of 25/8/3 this cache has a well deserved 1,107 favourite points and 2,632 found It logs!

We had great fun finding this one, with our children Horsey Mad Girl and Geo Oly quickly leading the way. They were very excited!

Be careful not to be in too much of a hurry though, all may not be as you think at first.

In English:
There lives 2 small dogs in the forest of Einhausen. He guards a golden logbook. You will find the dog-house and the cachebox very soon. It is only for trading but there is no logbook. Instead you will find a magical bone which helps you finding the dogs and the logbook.
Parking area is at: N 49° 39.438 E 008° 32.393
Not far away at N 49° 39. 405 E 008° 32. 503,you find a thick stump. There is a small riddle on its top. If you solve it you find the dogs house . Have fun!!

GC469TG Multi-cache Die grünen Geister Germany

GC11JM6 Traditional Cache Geist des Hagen Germany
  As if 25/8/13 it has 2,589 favourite points!
5,243 found it logs!
Fantastic audio visual effects and great for children of all ages

GC2J9J5 Unknown Cache Schatz des Alberich Germany
  As of 25/8/13 this has 1,519 favourite points and 3,094 found It logs
Translated to English:
Who does not know Alberich, the guardian of the Nibelung treasure from the Nibelungen saga? On heroic struggle Siegfried him snatched the cloak of invisibility and the treasure of the Nibelungs. But what many do not know Alberich could create aside a portion of the treasure and fled with it to the woods of Riedrode . He has become well-hidden treasure along with the cassette. If you have the correct coordinates, but it is quite easy to find the treasure and Alberich cassette

GC441JE Unknown Cache Wer knackt den Tresor? Germany
  Bull Family on Tour from UK to Scheibenhard and surrounding areas:
Caches and events we found whilst on holiday.
We got 4 caches in the UK on 26/7 then after getting the Eurotunnel on 26/7, we travelled a few hundred km south and were staying in Scheibenhard, Alsace from 27/7-10/8
We then travelled north through Belgium to Lille where we collected my Mum who travelled from Weymouth to Lille via London.
We then went on to stay near Maiziens, Nord-pas de Calais in a large Gite with interesting traditional features from 10/8-17/8 where my Mum joined us for a week.
We concluded our holiday on 17/8: international Geocaching Day by getting a cache in both France & England on the same day.
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