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Oldest Caches on Long Island (shared, public)

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For those who appreciate history. This is a list of all the active caches on Long Island that were hidden in 2001.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1DC7 Traditional Cache "SeiTor lakeland cache"
  Hidden only 8 days after 9/11.  

GC498 Traditional Cache ACR
  The eastern-most active 2001 cache on Long Island.  

GC5F9 Traditional Cache Connetquot River Park Cache
  This was my 1100th find! I found it 7yrs. and 2 days from when it was hidden and it's in great shape. Still the original container and log book.  

GC309 Traditional Cache East Nassau Cache
  The oldest cache in Nassau County and the 2nd oldest (by 6 days) on Long Island. Over 260 visits!  

GC2D1A Traditional Cache Kings Extra Point
  Another rarely found cache. Only averaging 7.46 finds per year.  

GC13A3 Traditional Cache Kyle's Kache
  One of the most popular caches on Long Island with over 280 finds.  

GC385 Traditional Cache Long Island Dinosaur
  A cache that seems to be constantly on the verge of extinction, but somehow has survived all these years with the help of the LIGO community. Very aptly named as well!  

GC184A Traditional Cache Loop Parkway Cache (S. Nassau)
  This is the least-frequently found cache on the list. It's only been found an average of 4.09 times per year. Actually less because one person logged it as a find twice!  

GC77D Traditional Cache Lottery Cash Cache
  Another classic kept active by the LIGO community. I love the names of the original hiders!  

GC7D5 Traditional Cache No Commercial Vehicles
  The oldest active Micro cache on Long Island.  

GC2CBA Traditional Cache RPA-1 West Hills CP
  RPA-1. Need I say more? Actually, this is Bayonets4U's second hide.  

GC8A0 Traditional Cache Sunken Meadow
  Another personal favorite of mine. This started life as a letterbox in '99 and was converted to a geocache in 2001.  

GC192D Unknown Cache Sunken Meadow Greenbelt
  The famous "white stone" cache.  

GC2A3E Virtual Cache Time Capsule - Open Cache in 5000 Years
  This is the oldest active Virtual Cache on Long Island.  

GC28C7 Traditional Cache Troop 327
  Bayonets4u's first cache. Hidden almost a month before RPA-1.  

GC297 Traditional Cache Weary Traveler Geocache
  This is the oldest active cache on Long Island.  

GC10AE Traditional Cache Whisper
  A great place to stop while hiking the Long Island Greenbelt Trail.  
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