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Trishaidehaphobiab Challenge (shared, public)

List Owner: MatthewCat

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2KY23 Traditional Cache 1) Bethany House
  Found 12/08/2012
fear of houses

GCNY7W Traditional Cache 10) Silver Lake BMX Cache
  Found 2/21/2013
Fear of Lakes

GC10TJF Traditional Cache 11) MAM's Micro #20 - Rockville Centre
  Found 2/21/2013
fear of small objects

GC2585Q Traditional Cache 12) Black Lantern Corps
  Found 2/24/2013
fear of the color black

GC42JXA Traditional Cache 2) SCT: It's Electric
  Found 12/09/2012
fear of electricity

GCK5NV Traditional Cache 3)Spider Wall
  Found 12/22/2012
Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia
fear of spiders

GC3CGG5 Traditional Cache 4) Smelly Chihuahua 7
  Found 12/26/2012
fear of smell

GC4166P Traditional Cache 5) SCT: House of Sport Bridge
  Found 1/03/2012
fear of bridges

GC43NND Traditional Cache 6) SCT North-Hard to A-Void
  Found 1/13/2013
fear of voids

GC3GT99 Traditional Cache 7) 3 is the Magic Number
  Found 1/26/2013
Arithmophobia or Numerophobia
Fear of Numbers

GC5D33 Virtual Cache 8) Mourning Lady
  Found 2/20/2013
Gynephobia or Gynophobia
fear of women

GC45WBJ Traditional Cache 9) Croton System Water Filtration Plant
  Found 2/20/2013
Fear of Water

GC30Q85 Traditional Cache All Dogs Go to Heaven
  Found 3/12/2013
Fear of dogs or rabies

GC6E7GD Traditional Cache Amfiteatr

GC5RZXH Traditional Cache Góra Wenus - Wzgórza Dalkowskie

GC3Q9FW Traditional Cache The Cooper Street Snake
  Found 5/30/2013
Ophidiophobia or Snakephobia
fear of snakes
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