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NJ Delorme (shared, public)

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All finished :D

Update 5/18/2010: I got the northernmost cache in New Jersey ("Top of New Jersey" GC1TY48) last weekend. This part of New Jersey was left out and doesn't have a Delorme Grid :D

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC107NH Multi-cache Page 18 - The Broch
  Nice healthy uphill hike on the Acropolis Trail with some fabulous views of Culver's Lake and the surrounding area.  

GCVAMB Traditional Cache Page 19 - Kittitanny Ridge
  Cache was hidden in a neat rock outcrop area along one of my favorite snowshoe routes. Not quite enough snow today, so we just hiked it today.  

GC17RM5 Traditional Cache Page 20 - Sunrise-Path to No Where.
  Really interesting sort of "hidden" area to hike. I found that it really DOES go somewhere (sort of)  

GC165P2 Traditional Cache Page 21 - Sunrise over Skylands Manor
  Nice hearty hike, a fun placement, and a lovely overlook near the cache site.  

GC109A1 Traditional Cache Page 22 - kat on the farm 3 (big bucks cache )
  Neat old abandoned farm. I didn't have much luck finding the caches here but managed to turn this one up :D  

GCK7CG Traditional Cache Page 23 - Jenny Jump Rumble
  This was the park where I did my very first geocache, so nice to revisit. The cache was in a nice, very muggle free area, although there was that crazy rumbling sound?  

GCX28V Traditional Cache Page 24 - Regal Beagle Molly
  Nice walk on a rail trail leading north from Newton, Sussex County NJ...that is if you can find the trailhead ;o) I took the shortcut.  

GC1598H Traditional Cache Page 25 - Bear Right!
  We didn't see any bears, but we also didn't see any other people - great secluded place to hike and nice view towards Clinton Reservoir from the cache site.  

GC14PKZ Traditional Cache Page 26 - Millstones
  Really neat old millstone quarry with millstones scattered about in different stages of completion.  

GCR6AP Traditional Cache Page 27-Where's the Other Half?
  I wasn't sure I understood the title, but I found the cache, so its all good. Nice place to hike.  

GC1187R Traditional Cache Page 28 - Dizz-Knee Challenge: Cachy and the Tramp PXVI
  Nice to revisit Roaring Brook Park and work towards completing the Dizz-Knee challenge caches  

GCNTCK Multi-cache Page 29 - Furnace Highlands Cache
  Nice hike in a pretty area, just make sure your lungs are up to the challenge (and stick to the trail!)  

GC17BMW Unknown Cache Page 30 - New Jersey State Symbols Series #4

GC163AK Unknown Cache Page 31 - En Garde!
  Fun puzzle...not as mean as a certain puzzle that makes you find ONE HUNDRED cacher's names. The title cracked me up, once I "got" it  

GC11MM3 Unknown Cache Page 32 - South Mountain Reservation Dog Park Cache
  Love those Sue&Barry puzzles (although I seriously butchered this one somehow :D). After finding the cache we went off to watch other people's dogs play, since we don't have one.  

GC15YR8 Traditional Cache Page 33 - 1776 New Jersey Part 3 The Evacuation of Fort Lee
  Great views of the Hudson and the GW Bridge from this area and a whole herd of tame deer too!  

GCYTT1 Traditional Cache Page 34 - Flood Watch
  Nice walk along and above the Delaware River and a clever micro hide.  

GCYQJ1 Traditional Cache Page 35 - Clawson's cache
  Found this one in the pouring rain!  

GC18XG1 Traditional Cache Page 36-DIP II
  Ha ha - Uminkski got me good here. Very interesting area that I bet the beavers love.  

GC14X08 Traditional Cache Page 37 - Our First Cache
  This turned out to be a funny placement since there are two possible approaches. It was suggested that this be renamed "bridge out". I took the "wrong" approach and crossed the somewhat scary bridge :)  
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