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Puzzle Capital of Alaska (shared, public)

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A bookmark list to help plan for your trip to the Central Kenai Peninsula area around the cities of Kenai & Soldotna. Most all of these caches require solving a puzzle prior to visiting the cache. This list will help you work through some of these puzzles prior to your visit, allowing you to log more caches while you're here!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1EZK2 Unknown Cache 1 If By LAND, 2 If By SEA, 3 If By SKI
  A fairly easy puzzle. Access to the cache site will require more effort. Easy walk or ski during most of the winter when the ice is frozen. Summer requies either a small boat (canoe, raft, kayak, etc) or a longer walk through sometimes damp terrain to get around the body of water. Waterproof footwear will make this much more comfortable.  

GC1FMKR Unknown Cache A Walk Through History On This Date
  A good puzzle, but not overly difficult.  

GC1FK8B Unknown Cache Another aMazing Puzzle
  A fairly straight forward puzzle, once you figure out what you're looking at.  

GC26GYR Unknown Cache BRME
  A very simple solve-on-site cache. Once at the coordinates, just look around and ponder the info given on the listing. The harder part seems to be actually getting the cache as there is a private residence nearby with frontal view of the cache. The old guy who lives there seems very interested in vehicles loitering about on the street in front. And then there is the dog. It took me 3 visits to the site before it was clear to actually get to the cache without muggles around.  

GC15CMZ Unknown Cache Bushwhackers' Sekret Kash
  Without a doubt, this is the single most devious and inhumane puzzle in the region. Had it not been for a "spoiler" note being posted by a guy down in Florida with the same puzzle, this puzzle would remain unsolved for probably years to come. Yes, it is that difficult. Even after I finally stumbled onto the solution out there in cyberspace (thanks to the spoiler info), it took quite awhile to get this cache to give up the coordinates for me. Then I dinked up the westing and bounced several geocheckers before going back and doing it again. Ugg. One heck of a seriously difficult puzzle. Enter at your own risk!  

GC1GE32 Unknown Cache Cache Flow
  Super simple dot cipher with a straight forward solution. Good one for the new puzzlers to get some exercise with.  

GC1ZYQN Unknown Cache Cache Tunes
  You can save face and do a little Google work to read your way through this one. A rather simple puzzle when you put the parts together.  

GC1GWDP Unknown Cache Caching At The Cellular Level
  Well, I thought this was a very easy puzzle. But based on the number of finds so far, I guess I'm alone in that line of thinking. It's yet another classic KK style hide.  

GC1FP90 Multi-cache Center of Soldotna
  I've added this to the puzzle list because it does require a little thought outside the box. And people keep calling it a puzzle. The coordinates you find at the published site are written in DMS, but you must convert them to DM in order to make the needed adjustments with what is given on the listing. The hint pretty much tells you what to do, but here it is again... Divide by 60. If you divide the Seconds portion of a DMS coordinate by 60, you'll get a fractional number ( Just add that fractional part of a minute back onto the whole minutes you already had. Now you can add/subtract the adjustment figures as needed. Easy as pie.  

GC1GP2F Unknown Cache Dmitri 69
  Another pretty easy little puzzle that would be great exercise for the new puzzlers to work on. Google will show you the required reference work needed to solve this one.  

GC1F1T8 Unknown Cache Doolittle's Revenge!
  A super easy puzzle... kind of. It may take months of searching and experimenting before you figure out this classic KK.  

GC1XCCX Unknown Cache Dorsal Earth
  A really, really, really, easy puzzle. So easy that I have a hard time calling it a puzzle. You don't have to count, calculate, decode, decipher, or really do anything except copy down the coordinates. Geez, can you really call this a puzzle? One thing that it will not do, is allow anyone hiding behind a secret Pocket Query account to be able to solve this "puzzle". You MUST log onto the cache page and view it unfiltered to see the coordinates. When you log in, you leave a "fingerprint" behind on the Premium Member Audit log. So we will all know who's viewed this one. You can call it "bait" if you like, but it is a real puzzle cache. Probably safe enough to put travel bugs in.  

GC32DNT Unknown Cache e to the i pi plus 1 equals 0
  A nice neat little math puzzle. I like it.  

GC1Y65X Unknown Cache Enjoying Alaska On A "Rainy Day"
  ARCHIVED. Kept on list for research purposes. A really nifty little cipher puzzle. Not too difficult to solve, but you'll no doubt have to do some research to figure out the method.  

GC1GP22 Unknown Cache Fire Mission
  Now this one has a couple tricks to impede you from a straight forward solution. However, the answer is very easy to work out. It will take just a little research and pencil work to get this one. Plenty of hints on the listing to get you headed in the right direction. To get the right answer, you'll need to learn about how a military Forward Observer will tell an Artillery Battery where they want the shells to land. So they wouldn't call for fire on their own position, they would tell them to place it on a nearby grid location, then they would adjust that location as needed after "testing" it with a live shot. They might even need to adjust it a second time to zero in on the right spot.  

GC168NX Unknown Cache Gateway To The Launch Pad
  A very good puzzle that is quite challenging. Even once you figure out what parts to key in on, it will take some effort to get to get the right solution.  

GC1FVHD Unknown Cache History Search
  A super easy history hunt and then math it up puzzle. A great intro for new puzzlers to work out.  

GC1FBNQ Unknown Cache Hold That Boat & Ferry! Don't Leave Without Me!
  Great presentation of a very straight forward math problem style puzzle. And yet, in the absence of the geochecker, one must be fairly certain in their solving abilities before hiking way out into the wilds in search of this log.  

GC1ZD5V Unknown Cache HP1 - The Sorcerer's Stone
  Puzzle 1 of 8 in the Harry Potter series. Watching the film won't get you all the way through this one as they cut parts from the book. For those who haven't read the books, some serious internet research may be helpful.  

GC1ZD5X Unknown Cache HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets
  Puzzle 2 of 8 in the Harry Potter series. The solution to this one can be pulled from either the book or the film. Some are easier than others, and this is probably the easiest of the whole series.  
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