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Must Try, by MGSGAGAG (shared, public)

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Experience this cache!!! These are not necessarily difficult or even particularly challenging, but due to some aspect I would give my strong recommendation that you make the time to enjoy them.

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GCWN8K Traditional Cache 1711 [Paderne]
  This is what caching is all about! If it was not for caching I would never have seen this bridge, castle, mill and surrounding buildings. Bring a good map and expect to walk a bit as the "roads" are better for walking than driving.  

GCRE4B Traditional Cache Alcantarilha [Silves]
  Great hide and takes you to a location that must be seen to be belived.


GCFB54 Virtual Cache Aquarius
  MD - Natural Beauty Award Winner  

GC14X8B Unknown Cache Be the Genealogist-Final
  Wow! What a series! To get to the final you have the privlage of enjoying eack of these:

Be the Genealogist-Graves
Be the Genealogist-SSDI
Be the Genealogist-Soundex
Be the Genealogist-Census
Be the Genealogist-Ellis Island
Be the Genealogist-Counties

This is my favorite series in over 1000 caches! Why?
1) Start with doable puzzles, each that is unique yet follows a theme
2) Each puzzle taught my something new
3) Every cache had a decent sized hike associated
4) Every cache was placed in a different park. Some I knew well, some I had never visited.
5) Beautifully designed ammo cans with plenty of room for swapping
6) Traditional hides that let you know that you can enjoy the hike because you would make the find at the end

If you are physically able to make the hikes I would strongly recommend that you do not miss out on theses caches!


GCQNJA Unknown Cache Burke Junction Micro Cache
  A extreamly fun puzzle in a nice area.  

GCTRBV Traditional Cache Camden Promenade – RCA Pier
  NJ - Camo Award Winner  

GCH1GM Traditional Cache Dark
  Fun cache in a very cool area! Don’t let the 5/5 rating scare you off from this one. The girls (age 9 and 10) nor I had any problem making the grab. Leave time to explore the rest of the area too.

GC11NCM Multi-cache If You Want To Run With The Big Dogs... Mastiff
  VA - Looking for a challenge? Want to forget you are near the big city? Then this is for you! Finders have hiked 17+ miles over the most extreme terrain in the DC area. The trails (if you can find some) are nearly deserted except for wildlife. Also is set up so it can be done in 2 trips.  

GCNBN3 Multi-cache Just Kidding
  MI - Nice clean park with no bushwacking and even a playground for the young ones where they are visible from evey stage. Well thought out, interesting hides at each stage. Very well done.  

GCK12J Virtual Cache Last stop for a weary traveler
  DC - Of the many virtual caches in and around the mall this is one that you would otherwise likely overlook. If you know your WWII history you will know exactly what you are looking for and know how appropriate it is to be there.  

GCR8EM Traditional Cache Monty Python: Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave
  VA- Camo Award Winner  

GCKXV7 Traditional Cache Multnomah Falls Cache
  OR- natural beauty, this cache takes you away from the tourists to see the falls you would have missed.  

GCVHYZ Traditional Cache Muskrat Delight
  Saskatchewan - Natural Beauty Award Winner – so many plants, animals and views you may forget the cache…….or just walk by it like we did  

GCT66Z Multi-cache Psycho Urban Cache #8 - Ghost in Ancient Citadel
  Six stages each in another cool location. Amazing park. Most importantly the location for this was not gross at all. A bit of trash and some crickets, but don't let the well deserved rep from PUC #10 keep you away from this gem.

Would recomend doing this with freinds as would be more fun with a team. Might take 2-3 hours if the hides elude you, but with a bit of luck we were done in an hour.

GCGN0D Traditional Cache Sara Douglass Cache
  PA - Cool area and a unique hide  

GCW75X Multi-cache Shoepac Challenge
  MI-This will be one to remember! A great experience! Kmeldrum and I finished after around 8 hours. A few thoughts for future attempters:

1) There are several things to say about micros in the woods, you will say most of them
2) Plan for it to take a day. It may take all day, but it will be a good day.
3) Forget your paradigms about consistency with a hider. All the good moves are here.
4) Don’t give up. If you do you will realize your mistake and have to hike back out immediately.
5) Yes the coordinates are right. We had the two major brands and they were both very close for all but the last two. The yellow was on for the last two also but the orange was off by 70 feet.
6) If in doubt, stop and enjoy the surroundings.
7) Mark where you parked!

Have fun

GCN8GV Unknown Cache The Eagle's Tour
  Team Virtual Synergy has been here.

VA- This is a fantastic cache! Great locations, inventive puzzles and a nice consistent theme throughout. The hide were challenging, and even though we had to return to some locations several times you always walked (or paddled ) away feeling good and not minding the thought of a return trip.

This may be my favorite yet!

GCTP2H Unknown Cache The Shape Under the Sheet
  VA - Puzzle cache that starts and ends with an interesting theme  

GCW7GD Multi-cache The Treasure of Les Cridge
  A very cool cache with interesting story meshed with an interestion story. Would reccomend you do this with family or freinds to share the adventure. Hike is around 3 miles round trip but the sights were frequent enough that our 4yo was entertained and never mentioned the distance.

Fun Cache

GC5A30 Unknown Cache Theseus Released
  VA-excellent combination of a tough but fun puzzle with a nice hike.  
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