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European Extreme Point Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Simply Paul

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A basic list of European caches at the continent's extremes.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCQ1MZ Traditional Cache 3 Brave Men
  **former holder**
Way way up north - Svalbard (island, physical)

  Way way West for Europe - A rock west of the Azores. But one with an earthcache.  

GC3QPB8 Traditional Cache Deserta Grande
  If you include Madeira as Europe, then this is a long long way south  

GC342EA Traditional Cache Farol
  If you include Madeira as Europe, then this is way way out west  

GC40PBR Traditional Cache Geode
  ** former holder **
Way way up north - these islands are regarded as part of Asia by some though.

GC2Z130 Event Cache How far will you go for a cache? (07/28/2011)
  Way up north (island event) - or do you know of anything more northern?  

GC4JD1F Earthcache Latrabjarg
  If you include Iceland as Europe (it's on the north-American plate), but exclude some other islands - see other listings on this bookmark list - then this would be Europe's most westerly cache!  

  Way way way down south if you include the Canary isles as part of Europe (rather than European?). Most wouldn't though. Officially part of Spain, so a long way south in Spain :)  

GC4WQ9F Event Cache Mainland Europe Ends... HERE! (07/06/2014)
  Way up north (semi-mainland event)  

GC4E279 Traditional Cache Norges nordligste - Knivskjellodden
  Way up north (semi-mainland - there's a tunnel - physical)  

GCJNWJ Traditional Cache Nothing but stones
  Way up north (mainland. A long walk!)  

GC3H5Q2 Traditional Cache Onde a Terra acaba e o Mar começa
  Way out west (Portugal mainland)  

GC29MWY Earthcache Pinega caves
  Depending how you define the eastern edge of Europe, this *could* be the most easterly cache in Europe. Looks cool, either way.  

GCG822 Traditional Cache Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents
  As well as being the deepest cache underwarter (probably) this could also be Europe's most westerly cache - depending which side of the north atlantic plate it's hidden... (!)  

GC22Q8A Earthcache Remote Rockall
  Way out west/north-west. A long way on a small boat.  

GC6050Y Earthcache Stromatolite lime stone
  A new most northerly. An EC.  

GC3EX5Q Unknown Cache Suomen pohjoinen-Extreme points of the EU (North)
  The EU's most northerly cache (as Norway isn't part of the Union)  

GC2C49R Traditional Cache Trypiti - The Southernmost of Europe
  Way down south (island)  

GC2ZGQK Traditional Cache Veleta 3.396 m. (Granada)

GC25JVN Traditional Cache Vigia da Baleia
  If you include the Azores as Europe, this could be the most westerly out there!  
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