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Resuscitator Caches - UK - List 3 - Updated 18 Sep 2021 (shared, public)

List Owner: Mario McTavish

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Part 3 - A list of UK caches that qualify (or nearly) for various resuscitator challenge caches around the country.

It's not exhaustive and I'll update it as and when I get time, so if you use it please check your target cache first to make sure it still qualifies

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC6GX7V Traditional Cache Callow Walk/Drive By----Ford

GC25DW1 Traditional Cache Cover Clever

GC7M1QF Multi-cache CT#3. Collafield

GC72JXQ Traditional Cache Dancing Green Walk #1 - Gatekeeper

GC6D5T7 Traditional Cache Posh Stile

GC5XV97 Multi-cache UKME2015: Museum of Power #3 – Power Pumps

GC5YVGH Traditional Cache "I Want To Get High"#2

GC63DCB Traditional Cache "I Want To Get High"#4

GC5ZN3R Traditional Cache #03 Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure

GC2Q490 Multi-cache #10 - Escape from the Marsh

GC5ZN73 Traditional Cache #11 Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure

GC7RAVR Traditional Cache #14 HHH2

GC27GZE Unknown Cache #17 BONUS Devauden(a Dave Phillips-Jackson series)

GC6D5NG Traditional Cache #3 UnMatching - More Spring

GC2Q47K Traditional Cache #4 - Jotmans View

GC2Q478 Multi-cache #5 - Not the Millenium Path

GC8JAVF Letterbox Hybrid #8 UnMatching - Woods

GC5TZ21 Multi-cache 01. Medway Libraries STROOD (TB Hotel)

GC5VFBT Multi-cache 02. Medway Libraries GILLINGHAM (TB Hotel)

GC5W0AB Multi-cache 04. Medway Libraries HOO
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