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U.S. Challenge Caches: States S, V, W (shared, public)

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Caches, for U.S. States S, V, W, that require you to find a certain number of other caches that meet specific criteria (plus a few exceptions.) Difficulty of the task varies.

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Last updated 06/11/2013

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC36KZM Unknown Cache SC - !@#$%^&*()?'<>~_-+=;:"/,. Challenge (GC36KZM)
  Find 15 caches that contain designated non-alphanumeric characters in their titles or owners

GC36KZ7 Unknown Cache SC - (11) 1/1 On The 1 Challenge (GC36KZ7)
  Find 11 caches rated Difficulty 1.0 / Terrain 1.0 after 01/03/2012 on designated dates

GC36KZB Unknown Cache SC - 1/10/100/1000 Challenge (GC36KZB)
  Attend 1 CITO Event, attend 10 Events, find 1000 caches, and find 100 caches in one month

GC276CG Unknown Cache SC - 10 years of Geocaching (GC276CG)
  Find a cache published in each month May 2000 - May 2010

GC42907 Unknown Cache SC - 10+ Icons In A Day Challenge
  Find 10 different cache types in one day  

GC3J0KF Unknown Cache SC - 20 Souvenir Challenge (GC3J0KF)
  Have 20 Souvenirs in your geocaching profile
Premium Member Only

GC2RQ4Z Unknown Cache SC - 30/30/30 Challenge (GC2RQ4Z)
  Find a non-Traditional cache a day for 30 consecutive days after 04/08/2011
Premium Member Only

GC33QTA Unknown Cache SC - 366 Finds by Placed Date
  Find a cache hidden on each calendar date  

GC24TAW Unknown Cache SC - A Bakers Dozen Challenge! (GC24TAW)
  Find exactly one South Carolina cache published before 03/11/2010 on a given day after 03/11/2010, exactly two caches on any other day, exactly three caches on still yet another day and so forth all the way up to finding exactly thirteen caches on a day, including at least one Multi-cache or Puzzle each day; Events excluded

GC24TF3 Unknown Cache SC - A Busy Day Icon Challenge! (GC24TF3)
  Find 6 different cache types in one day after 03/15/2010

GC3ANE0 Unknown Cache SC - A Pyramid Geocaching Challenge! (GC3ANE0)
  Find 1 cache published in 2001, 2 caches published in 2002, and so forth all the way up to 2011, each cache published in a different month, including half of the finds after 2011
Premium Member Only

GC1HE4Y Unknown Cache SC - Alphabet Soup Challenge - SC Style (GC1HE4Y)
  Find a South Carolina cache starting with each letter of the alphabet; Event, CITO, Locationless caches excluded

GC2RGGK Unknown Cache SC - Ammo Can Challenge -- SC (GC2RGGK)
  Find 100 Regular-sized or Large-sized caches, after 01/01/2011

GC1MYXN Unknown Cache SC - Bingo Card Challenge (GC1MYXN)
  Complete 5 designated geocaching activities to score BINGO

GC36KT3 Unknown Cache SC - Bird Is The Word Challenge (GC36KT3)
  Find 25 caches containing the word BIRD in their titles

GC399N2 Unknown Cache SC - Black Belt Challenge -- SC (GC399N2)
  Find 3000 caches of designated types, locations, and other qualifications
Premium Member Only

GC36KY4 Unknown Cache SC - Cache maintenance Challenge (GC36KY4)
  Perform a maintenance check after 01/02/2012 on 10 caches that have not been visited in at least three months

GC1P35W Unknown Cache SC - Challenge of the Century: SC Streak (GC1P35W)
  Find a cache a day for 100 consecutive days

GC3AK7Q Unknown Cache SC - Fantasy Football Challenge - Geocaching Style (GC3AK7Q)
  Find 20 active caches that each have a Favorite rating of 20, including 6 designated cache types; Event, CITO caches excluded
Premium Member Only

GC36KXN Unknown Cache SC - FDF Challenge (GC36KXN)
  Find 25 caches after 01/09/2012 on the day of publication, including 2 different cache types, 3 consecutive months, and 5 in the dark
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