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This is a compilation of:

(1) Geocaches that are laid out in a pattern that will show up in a map view of caches in the area.

(2) Geocaches that are laid out in a 'Power Trail' format where a series of caches are laid out along a roadway in order to log as many finds in as short a distance as possible.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2KBK5 Traditional Cache 0001 C.T. (Welcome to Tignish)
  This is the first cache of a series for the CTGP (Confederation Trail Geocache Project). This trail is on Prince Edward Island, Canada and is laid out on abandoned railbeds, which have been converted to hike / bike (greenway) only trails. Currently there are about 1550 caches placed along the trails which meander throughout Prince Edward Island, with one route being described as the 'Tip-To-Tip Route' from Tignish to Elmira and runs for a total of 279 km (about 173 miles). If you complete this route, there is a "Tip-to-Tip Confederation Trail Certificate" available to those that apply for it.

Please note that the Confedration Trail is closed to ALL motorized vehicles, with the exception of snow mobiles in specially designated sections. This means that for the most part, you must hike or bike to find these cache placements. All cache placements are within 25 m (about 80 feet) of the Trail.

[Thanks to Olewaif for pointing this one out to us.]

GC3FA3B Traditional Cache 0001 RR - 4-4-0 General
  1000 caches in the shape of a steam train, complete with smoke plumes coming from the smokestack. Most are traditional, with others being multi-caches and leterbox hybrids for color contrast on the map. Lots of hard work went into this one. About 8.5 miles wide by 6.5 miles tall.

In Idaho, southwest of Mountain Home AFB.

Created by the League of Idaho Cachers.

GC2ZK7J Letterbox Hybrid 0001-E.T.
  The E.T. Power Trail Lives On In Nevada And Is Now 2000 Caches Long...

This cache is the first in the series. Being a Letterbox Hybrid, you can stamp the logbook with your custom stamp and head out for a long, long adventure in the desert. Pay special attention to the information given on the web page, because the previous E.T. Power Trail was closed down because our fellow geocachers couldn't behave in a civilized manner and the local government shut it down. Now that things have been cleared up with them, be careful and follow the instructions given, so we can all enjoy this one for years to come.

GC3TTKZ Unknown Cache 001 ICS - Terrain 5 by 5 Challenge
  Located south of Mountain Home Air Force Base (AFB) in Idaho, this is a split power trail with a twist. There are 97 puzzle caches in this series with 001 through 046 positioned along River Road (south of the Snake River), and 047 through 097 are found along Gravel Pit / Perimeter / Nielson Roads. The twist is that each position has some very tough qualifications to pass the challenge in order to log the cache as found. The title of each cache is a strong clue as to what that particular geocache's challenge consists of.

Anybody that can log all of these caches would have to be a well-seasoned cacher indeed!

GC3JQ03 Traditional Cache 001 Owyhee Uplands Byway
  730 caches in a power trail format right by the "RR - 4-4-0 General" train series.

In Idaho, southwest of Mountain Home AFB.

Created by the League of Idaho Cachers.

GC2Q7JN Traditional Cache -001-Route 66
  Another Route 66 homage in the form of a power trail between Barstow and Needles, California with probably around 800 caches. So many have contributed to this power trail, it's hard to count them all...  

GC28XNV Traditional Cache 30 YEARS OF PACMAN :V 5
  Pac-Man Shape in Mojave Heights, Southern California.  

GC49JYA Unknown Cache Alabama High School Mascots #1
  75 puzzle caches in the 'G' Shape for geocaching. Positioned over Weiss Lake, Alabama.  

GC5P2EW Unknown Cache Bobby Doerr – Red Sox #1
  Puzzle caches dealing with Red Sox trivia laid out in the shape of the letter B. Caches are west of the Florida Turnpike, straddle SR 441 and are southwest of the Fort Drum conservation area.  

GC433ME Unknown Cache Bow Tie #01
  48 puzzle caches in the shape of the Chevrolet bowtie symbol. Near Lenoir City, Tennessee.  

GC2N5D1 Traditional Cache Country Cross Trail #1
  (Archived due to a lack of maintenance) - A series of 47 caches laid out in the shape of a cross, just east of Greeley, Colorado. Size is about 5 miles wide and 7 miles tall.  

GC30J0G Unknown Cache CREW Rookery #01 Voice like a Nightingale
  A series of 35 puzzle caches in the shape of a bird. Find all 35 to collect the needed information to go to the CREW rookery Final geocache.  

GC47XFB Traditional Cache Dice Series 01
  A Series of caches in the shape of playing dice, located in southern California, in Inyokern and is just southwest of the Inyokern Airport.  

GC2551A Traditional Cache E.T. 001
  Archived 03/01/2011 - ET Highway Power Trail - This Was The First Of 1026 Caches Placed Along The ET Highway Near Groom Lake, Nevada. They Even Had A Kick-Off Event To Inaugurate It - GC24WZ4  

GC1JEWK Traditional Cache Find A Cache, Earn a SMILE
  A Smiley Face design in Mojave Heights, Southern California.  

GC2M6ME Traditional Cache Florida's Grim Series (Guard Rail Madness) #200
  A set of 75 caches in this run, the Florida GRIM (Guard Rail Madness) Series seems to suffer a bit from discontinuity, yet all 3 GRIM strings are relatively close to each other. Created as a nod to Dr. Hogg's GRIM Series in Waco, Texas, the surroundings of the 3 strings vary between urban-style and "out in the middle of nowhere" style.  

GC2NT2Q Traditional Cache Florida's Grim Series (Guard Rail Madness) #280
  65 caches starting at the intersection of I-75 and US27 west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. GRIM stands for "Guard Rail Madness" and the ones in Florida are a tribute to the Dr. Hogg series in Waco, Texas. Numbers aren't in a logical sequence, at times.  

GC2GZQX Traditional Cache Florida's Grim Series (Guard Rail Madness) #79
  The Florida GRIM (Guard Rail Madness) Series seems to meander a bit, resulting in being broken up into 3 separate strings. This one (at the time of this writing) is about 130 caches strong. Created as a nod to Dr. Hogg's GRIM Series in Waco, Texas, these 3 are a combination of urban-style and "in the middle of nowhere" style too.  

GC343D3 Unknown Cache Gaia - Coexist Series Power Trail
  Yin-Yang Symbol - Ocala, Florida. This puzzle cache is tied to the Coexist Series Power Trail, with 18 clues hidden amongst the 59 caches, which are laid out in the shape of a Taijitu (or yin-yang) symbol.  

GC3P339 Traditional Cache GBR Trail #1 - The GO BIG RED Trail
  A series of 172 caches of different types that spell out GO BIG RED! northeast of Norfolk, Nebraska. Be sure you solve the puzzles before you head out for this one! 19.5 miles wide by 9.5 miles tall.  
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