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A list of my favorite Geocaches.

Some I liked because the container was clever. Some it was the hide. Some were interesting puzzles or educational Earthcaches. Some just because of the view.

I don't expect everyone to like all these caches, but I did.



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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCPHVN Webcam Cache :)
  For this one, I went into the source of the web page, found the camera controls and then downloaded an app onto my iPhone that would let me control the camera Then I found spots on the street I could hit with the camera and went there.

It was a geek challenge I enjoyed.

GC13H3K Traditional Cache A Boy & His Dog & His Cache
  As a dog owner, I found this little tribute quite moving.  

GC15RQB Traditional Cache A Cool Cache
  Located right next to the "Space Coast Geocachers" HQ and Groundspeak resale shop, this is a great stop.  

GC162Z3 Unknown Cache A Geocachers Story
  Great puzzle and a unique and amazing hide!  

GC2HPJ4 Traditional Cache A New Castle on the Horizon
  I was initially sad to see the "old castle" go, but this is a nice tribute to both. Great hiding spot as well.  

GC1KVHD Unknown Cache A SUPER Graduation Party Cache
  A fun puzzle and use of "those guides" and a clever spot.  

GC17KCY Unknown Cache A Tiny Park
  This puzzle requires either knowledge or research into a bit of computer history.

My father worked for (then called) Illinois Bell for years. This code was part of his daily work and I loved going to his office as a kid and watching him at work. I expect this would be my work when I grew up only to watch as technology "evolved" (or changed) to leave this puzzle in history.

GC2A9T6 Unknown Cache A Triangle Built For You
  I like puzzles, and I like math. I did the math mostly by hand with pen and paper, but my coordinates were an hour away.

I did it again in Numbers (Apple's version of Excel) and came up with the same answer. The CO gave me a hint that fixed my error.

I was very proud of my solution and enjoyed the find.

GC137MR Traditional Cache Another walk in the Park_29
  This is a great series and this one provided an extra challenge with the machinations to get at it.  

GCJGZC Traditional Cache Arrowhead
  This park was a frequent fixture of my youth. I earned more than one set of stitches here as a child.  

GC1ZQPC Traditional Cache Battleship - I8
  Like many of the BATTLESHIP series, this one is not overly challenging. However, I found the container to be very clever.  

  At the time of this writing (6/11/2010) I have not yet finished this series. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and every find has been a good one.

I highly recommend playing this game. I have three ships partially sunken and only one has not yet been found.

Good hunting!

Update on 12/11/10: Finished this series this morning with this as my #400 find!

GC1WG3H Unknown Cache Battleship - You Sank My Battleship!
  This hiding spot is exactly what I have come to love about this hobby/sport.  

GC22V17 Traditional Cache Blackbeard's Treasure
  Sad this one was archived almost as soon as it was placed. I would like to see this one put back.  

GC1Y4Q7 Multi-cache Cache 4 Clunkers
  Cool concept and a RangerBoy find on the first attempt!  

GC1F771 Multi-cache Cache of Cthulhu
  The hunt itself is pretty cool, but the tie into the mythos is fantastic. Beware the extra waypoint!  

GC2D0J7 Traditional Cache Cachers Heaven
  Clever hide and great spot. Truly in the spirit of the place and the game.  

GC16NRV Traditional Cache Calatrava Cache
  The cache itself was not that hard. My first attempt failed only because it wasn't there and had been muggled.

I liked this one, because both times I was there the wind chimes were playing and reminded me of playing MYST.

GC2RVAF Unknown Cache CAPTURE THE FLAG chevyole BASE
  A cool game. I built a base (GC2WX4M) for the game, but as of this point (5/30/11) I can't get near the dang flag to add mine to it!  

GCY1EJ Unknown Cache Cheeering Viper
  Multiple levels. Good use of codes. Nice touch.  
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