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CacheWalker Events (shared, public)

List Owner: Griff Grof

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CacheWalker - for those who love Geocaching and Walking. Join us at

CacheWalker was founded in 2007, and since then has successfully held 35 listed events:

17 "Group Walk" events (20 Group walks in total*) 8 "Evening/skittles/WhistleWetter" events 3 "On Tour" events 3 "Non Group Walk" events - the event activities are the focus. New caches are still released for people to find in their own time. 4 "Flash/Splash Mobs"

* These group walks are included in the total count: 30/09/07: Inaugural group walk (not part of a published event). 06/09/08: GC1ARNB had an extra group walk. 19/09/15: Introduction to Geocaching event for Scouts, organised and run by CacheWalker, with a walk of 5.5 miles (not part of a published event).

Last updated: 25/10/19 with CacheWalker Twixmas Bash 2019.

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GC2NTNA Event Cache CacheSkier Flash in Borovets (03/13/2011)
  The first (not cancelled) CACHEWALKER ON TOUR

Only attended by bikermel and Schnarff, but logged virtually by many.

GC3N6X0 Event Cache CacheWalker 5 Year Olimpick Picnick (09/23/2012)
  A picnic event to celebrate 5 years of CacheWalker. Great turnout of nearly 40, despite the rain and bitter wind on Dovers Hill!  

GC421F2 Event Cache CacheWalker at the end of the world. (12/21/2012)
  An brief evening pub meet a week before Twixmas 2012, to commentate the "end of the world" according to the Mayan Calender... If the earth was still orbiting the sun on the day, everyone had a nice time!  

GC242QP Event Cache CacheWalker Bash - Spring 2010 (04/11/2010)
  This was the 8th CacheWalker group walk, and the first since Twixmas 2008, after life got in everone's ways during 2009.  

GC3AM53 Event Cache CacheWalker Butchers Bash 2012 (02/19/2012)
  The 10th CacheWalker group walk, and the first in 13 months. Good turnout in the end, at the Butchers arms in Mickleton. This was, as hoped, the start to more CacheWalker events in 2012!  

GC1KN93 Event Cache CacheWalker does the Long Mynd (But it was Cancelled) (01/25/2009)
  It was cancelled, but the origins of CacheWalker on Tour events. Walk tall turned up anyway!  

GC5C644 Event Cache CacheWalker gets chilly - Ice Mob Event (09/20/2014)
  An event held keeping with the Ice Bucket Challenge for Charity.  

GC5WB8K Event Cache CacheWalker goes Boat Racing Splash Mob Event (06/13/2015)
  Our third annual Splash Mob event, and forth overall, this time with a boat race theme.  

GC558MJ Event Cache CacheWalker goes to the Beach Splash Mob Event (06/14/2014)
  The second annual SPLASH MOB - held with a tropical beach theme on June 14th 2014!  

GC3CX1F Event Cache Cachewalker goes Welsh (06/11/2012)
  The second successful CacheWalker on Tour event, this time on the summit of the highest mountain in Wales!

Second event of 2012, and so second of the four quarterly events for the year.

GC4PC06 Event Cache CacheWalker Introduction to Geocaching (11/03/2013)
  An event aimed for newbies, held at the Cotswold Water Park cafe. New stand-alone caches were released, along with dummies for any muggles to have a go at.  

GC57NEQ Event Cache CacheWalker on Tour: Sugar, anyone? (07/19/2014)
  An On Tour Event held on the summit of Sugar Loaf, South Wales, with a pre-event group walk to the top taking in some caches. Happened on 19th July 2014.  

GC4W6KB Event Cache CacheWalker prepares for Everest (04/27/2014)
  A walk around Bredon Hill, Evesham, before the event at a picnic ground near Elmly Castle.  

GC4DTXB Event Cache CacheWalker Splash Mob Event (06/30/2013)
  Second CW event of the year in the form of a splash mob.  

GC18VBC Event Cache CacheWalker Spring Fling '08 (Group Walk 3) (03/30/2008)
  The third group walk, and start of the 2008 quarterly run.  

GC5JVN7 Event Cache CacheWalker STRIKES again! (02/15/2015)
  Our second CacheWalker Skittles Tournament event - 26th overall and first of 2015. Last time walktall won, with Griff Grof winning the Killer game. This time around, who will win?  

GC6AM5Z Event Cache CacheWalker STRIKES back! (02/21/2016)
  Our 30th event. The third CacheWalker skittles event, also in the Snowshill Arms. First social evening event of 2016, intended also for cachers to catch up and share stories and trackables.  

GC44FX1 Event Cache CacheWalker STRIKES Snowshill (03/18/2013)
  The first event of 2013, on Monday 18th March. Intended to be a simple, social evening get together, with a tournament of skittles set to take place. Held in The Snowshill Arms. The first of regular skittle tournaments events.  

GC1ARNB Event Cache CacheWalker Summer Picnic 08-Muggles in th'Meadow? (06/29/2008)
  4th and 5th Group walks at this event.

The second of the 2008 CacheWalker quarterly run.

GC2KCVM Event Cache CacheWalker Twinew Bash - Happy New Year 2011 (01/02/2011)
  The 9th CacheWalker group walk, and the first in nearly a year - once again, walk tall bringing CacheWalker back on the cards.
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