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Geocaching NSW Geocaches of the Month (shared, public)

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GC5ET7E Unknown Cache Monty Python’s 45th Anniversary Omnibus
  The series was conceived and coordinated by the CO of the final cache, Mr Creosote (aka Chudles - pictured right?) and involved contributions from 11 other infamous Sydney cachers (including members of the GCNSW committee). The first 11 caches cover Python classics including the Holy Grail, and the Life of Brian through to some of the best Flying Circus fare (remember the Cheeseshop and the Whizzo Quality Assortment?) and some less well known sketches. Each of the 11 contains a clue to a wafer-thin puzzle that exposes the whereabouts of the final. There are a mix of styles including a range of puzzles, a clever multi, a night cache and a Whereigo cache. Terrains cover the spectrum of T2.5 to T4. Links to all the caches in the series may be found at the final...Monty Python’s 45th Anniversary Omnibus.  

GC72C Traditional Cache #4 "Wonderful"
  Commanding a truly Wonderful view from Mount Wondabyne, this 2½/3 Traditional Cache, now in its 14th year, has stood the test of time and survived a couple of major bushfires.

The cache was nominated by GCNSW member, akkatracker, who noted: "The views experienced here are awesome and really worth the walk.". Others wrote, " truly wonderful, with the 360 degree panorama", "the high point of our GC caching day" and "a magical location".

The cache is close to a section of the Great North Walk and can be accessed from several entry points on Woy Woy Rd or from Patonga. For a quirky approach, take the train to the quaint little Wondabyne station (pictured). Its platform is less than one carriage long and it has walking track and river access only.

GCC44 Traditional Cache #9 Drop Dead Gorgeous
  This 5/5 geocache was placed in June 2001, has been found by 46 teams (5 DNFs) and has a favourite rating of 41%.

The geocache is hidden at the bottom of a large drop (hence the name), and for most finders has involved an abseil to GZ. Some have tried other methods of approaching the geocache, but as the rating suggests it isn't for the faint of heart.

The geocache was a popular nomination with geocachers, receiving a number of 'votes'. One geocacher summed it up well writing:

As with most Houndog & Snifter caches, it’s a simple hide placed in a carefully chosen spot that naturally ensures longevity. It lives up to its name with truly breathtaking views.

Thank you once again Hounddog, Snifter and the SNAFUADV Team for this fantastic geocache.

GC13AFF Traditional Cache 1000 Young
  This challenging 2.5/4 geocache is located on the Illawarra escarpment and is not for the faint of heart. It was placed in June 2007, has a favourite rating of 37% and been found by 58 brave teams.

According to the description:

This cache is placed in a manner that 'The Rats' love, a high level of adventure, in a bush setting, with an element of danger and it has a spectacular view.

Big Matt and Shell, who nominated the cache, say it's "Such spectacular views over Wollongong. Day or night this is a cache not to be missed with a little twist at the end."

GC3C5TZ Traditional Cache A little bit of everything
  This 2/2 Traditional Cache has been in place since February 2012 and takes visitors along the Rotary Walk, an oceanside trail through twists and turns of lush vegetation, offering panoramic views and a glimpse into the nature and history of the area.

The cache was nominated for the award by Zalgariath, who wrote "As the name suggests, you'll get views, education, a walk, nature, and a clever cache hide at the end." Others wrote "sent my 'wow' factor into overload" and "one of the best I've found". Nearly half the finders have made it a favourite.

GC2C583 Multi-cache Aarrr!
  This 3/2 Multi Cache was hidden on Septemberrr 19 2011. Does that date ring a bell? It's Talk Like a Pirate Day which, along with the name, starts to hint at where this is going. So far, 36 scurvy landlubbers have navigated its course without finding themselves in Davey Jones's locker and an astounding 85% have declared it a favourite.

The cache was nominated by GCNSW members, Tyreless and Baktrak, just two of the many mutinous seadogs to don their eyepatches in search of Fimbulisen's treasure. And what a treasure it is!

The CO lists his occupation as "Permanently Lost", not surprising as the cache description reveals "My compass is old, with thirty two points, and my charts be waterlogged, googly and inaccurate".

GC3ABKJ Unknown Cache All Puzzled Up #10
  The series provides a tantalising, and often frustrating, tour of enough puzzling tricks to whet any cacher’s problem-solving appetite. Solve the first 9 to get all the clues for the final, then rendezvous with a horse who has a twist in his tail and hit the trail along a historic section of Sydney waterfront.

The cache was nominated by addicted puzzle fan, Asbestiform, who noted "For many puzzled cachers in Sydney this series provides a leg up in covering all the puzzle basics”. Finder’s logs included: "The final was certainly a great location combined with an excellent hide, and an interesting adventure in the rain as well. Definitely worth a favourite point in recognition of a great series culminating in a great final hide", "Glad to finally have completed this fascinating and challenging series" and "Thanks for great puzzles, hunts, and overall an excellent series. A favourite for the well thought out puzzles and a great finale"

GC3K05C Unknown Cache Bibliotheca Robotum
  This 2/1.5 Mystery Cache was hidden just under 2 years ago and over 80% of finders have awarded it a favourite. The cache employs some novel technology itself and highlights the state of the art automation used by Macquarie University library for storage and retrieval of most of its books.

The cache was nominated by GCNSW member and former MU student, tronador, who wrote: "This has got to be one of the best caches I've seen in long while. Well done on such an original concept." Other finders were equally appreciative.

GC3DDV0 Traditional Cache Black Bob's Creek Bridge 1896
  This 2/2 Traditional Cache was hidden just over 2 years ago and has seen over 160 visits with 54 favourites awarded; quite a feat for a cache that's almost in the middle of nowhere. Like a few other NSW caches, it draws attention to the work of pioneers, David Lennox and Thomas Mitchell.

The cache was nominated by GCNSW member, Zalgariath, who wrote: "this one takes you to an unexpected and near forgotten piece of engineering". Other finders lauded, " a stunning diversion ", "fabulous spot" and "you feel like your a million miles from anywhere".

GCZAYQ Traditional Cache Bushrangers Cave
  This traditional in the Hunter was placed by Groovychook in November 2006 and is well maintained. The D5/T4 rating is perhaps on the generous side based on some of the logs, so this might be one to help fill in a square on your D/T grid. The location combines a mix of man made and natural features with some local history. According the the CO "The site has changed significantly since the cache was installed, so on top of a dam, bushrangers cave, rail culvert and tunnels, you also now get a brand new freeway" Many appreciative comments come from cccritter "This cache deserves every bit of my favourite point...a historical context, an awesome natural landscape, a larger cache and some high D/T ratings" from Baja.15 "This is another one of those caches that you remember and is a really good example of what geocaching is all about" and The Hancock Clan: "Loved reading the history of this cave and can easily picture the bushrangers hiding out here all those years ago under candlelight."  

GC4GZYC Traditional Cache Cockatoo with a 'dog leg'
  It's a traditional hide with an easy 1½/2 D/T rating. It was nominated by Zalgariath who wrote:

"Cockatoo with a 'dog leg' is a family friendly, accessible and yet very satisfying caching adventure! The fact you need to travel to the island, then explore the very unusual GZ as well as the manner of hiding are all reasons why this cache deserves nomination this month. A quick scan of the logs shows how much joy this little box gives the unsuspecting visitors."

The island's European history dates back to 1839 when it was used as a penal establishment and from 1857 to 1991 it was one of Australia's largest shipyards. Architecture on the island spans its entire history and much work has been done to conserve it as the nation's most extensive and varied record of shipbuilding. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

GCMV9H Multi-cache Confound the Language
  This 3½/3½ Multi Cache, has been confounding finders for just on 10 years now.

The cache was nominated by GCNSW member, tronador, who wrote: " Located In Bonnet Bay, the various waypoints take you to a lovely spot of bushland in the Sutherland Shire . The waypoints are all really well done and located in nice places. The clues may make you scratch your head but once solved you get a real sense of achievement."

GCGVNB Traditional Cache Daylight
  This geocache was placed in September 2003, has been found by 43 teams (6 DNFs) and has a favourite rating of almost 58%.

This geocache is hidden deep underground in a misused tunnel used to transport coal from the Megalong Valley, through Narrow Neck and up to Katoomba.

The walk involves a reasonably long, back breaking walk through freezing cold water and orange mud - which is hard to get out of your clothing.

Anyone who has done it will tel you it's a challenging, but rewarding experience.

Thank you once again Bushrat for this fantastic geocache.

GC3G0M7 Multi-cache Doctor Who - Silence in The Library
  Now in its 4th year, this 2½/1 Multi Cache showcases Sydney's iconic Manly and has attracted 80% favourite awards from its 130+ finders.

The cache begins with short walk around the Manly Library precinct and the nearby scenic beachside, collecting the clues needed to find and access the cache. The final is typically creative and cleverly hidden.

The cache was originally nominated by GCNSW member, Calypso62, who noted the remarkable effort and organisation involved in placing it.

Over it's 4 years it has attracted many visitors from overseas and interstate who have praised it with comments like "the most imaginative cache I have come across in 8 years"; "this was the best box we found in Australia"; and "Dieser Multi hat mir bisher am Besten in Australien gefallen."

GCK2GM Multi-cache Garden To Garden (State)
  This 2/1 multi geocache was placed in July 2004, has only been found by 46 teams (2 DNFs) and has 10 favourite points.

Zalgariath, who nominated this cache, writes:

One of very few interstate caches in NSW and one of only two in Sydney, takes long distance travelling cachers on a tour down the Hume all the way to Melbourne. Hidden 24 Jul 04 it is also another fine example of "They dont make them like they used to"

GC52PBZ Multi-cache GEO-MAIL
  This 2½/1½ Multi Cache, has been in place now for just 7 months but has attracted an amazing 100% favourite rating for the incredible effort that's gone into its construction and organisation. It takes finders on a 5km walk in the beautiful Royal National Park near Engadine.

The cache was nominated by GCNSW member, tronador, who wrote This is one of the best caches I've found in a while. A lot of thought, effort and work has been put into making sure it works. 10 wpts, never seen anything like them before and an amazing GZ with an incredibly constructed cache.

GC3EY3F Multi-cache Gone Fishin!
  This 3/1.5 geocache is a recent addition having been placed in March 2012, and has found by 6 teams with a favourite rating of 100%.

The cache is a multi set on the owner's private land, which allows them to be a little more creative than usual.

It has already received rav comments such as :

Definitely one of the best caches I’ve seen. This one is a must for all cachers.

WOW!! I think this is one of the best caches we've done in Australia.

Well done TooDogs, this cache is just amazing!

With feedback like that, we think it's worth highlighting this new geocache - and showing that even newbies can hide a classic cache.

GC5FCMQ Unknown Cache Halfpenny Park
  Halfpenny Park is D3, T1.5 mystery cache that starts in a small piece of greenery adjoining the railway line in Turramurra. Where you find the final will depend on how you interpret the clever clues the crafty CO has left behind. The workmanship in the hide components are of the highest standard and the container and method of finding it will leave you smiling. Since it was listed in October, 2014 there have been 39 finds with 66% favourite points awarded. Comments include:
"Thanks for this inventive and fun cache Digby, and for the story that goes with it. Gets a fave point from me." Opa Shrek
"I'm amazed by how much work must have gone into the planning and placing of this fabulous cache." Geojo32

GC2N1NH Unknown Cache Hope's Lost Whisky
  This 4/3 mystery from the Mid-North Coast region has been in place for just over four yeasr and has attracted a well-deserved 14 favourites.

The adventure starts with the well researched cache page which contains some fabulous photographs. The story centres around a forced emergency landing in the river at Laurieton by famed American comedian, Bob Hope, during World War II. Surprisingly much, or just perhaps all, of the story turns out to be factual. But did they really jetison several crates of whiskey from their failing Catalina flying boat? Is it still there to be found? There's one way to find out.

GCNSW member, Calypso62, who nominated this month's winner, summed it all up as "an excellent geocache from an excellent geocacher".

GCZV7W Unknown Cache Illusions
  This 3.5/1.5 geocache was placed in December 2006, is has 304 logged visits with 158 finds and 48 favourite points (42%).

Being a very unique Puzzle cache it has been nominated by a number of finders, including Calypso62 who said:

This is a puzzle cache by Philma that you need to be cross-eyed to complete! The final location gives you a spectacular view with an excellent hide to boot. It first appeared in 2006 and is still going strong. 47 caching teams have given it a favourite point. It was a most enjoyable puzzle cache to complete that wasn't too difficult.
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