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Trail of the Gods Part 1 - Letters A to I (shared, public)

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Just a few caches along this power caching trail that runs across the Mojave Desert

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC24QNV Traditional Cache Abeona
  God of Children  

GC24M61 Traditional Cache Abundantia
  God of Abundance, Prosperity, and Good Fortune  

GC24R28 Traditional Cache Acan
  God of Wine. His name means 'groan'  

GC24QV2 Traditional Cache Acis
  God of 'Scilian River'  

GC24RCQ Traditional Cache Acpaxapo
  Hñahñü goddess (Otomi-Tribe)
The people received from her forecasts, omens and announcements about their future. She was represented as a serpent, with face and hair of a woman.

GC24QRK Traditional Cache Adeona
  Goddess who guides the child back home, after it has left the parental house for the first time.  

GC24QXM Traditional Cache Aeolus
  God of Winds  

GC24QWP Traditional Cache Aequitas
  God of Fair Dealing  

GC24KPE Traditional Cache Aera Cura
  God of Underworld  

GC24M02 Traditional Cache Aesculapius
  God of Healing and Medicinal Arts  

GC24QPD Traditional Cache Aeternitas
  God of Eternity  

GC24M64 Traditional Cache Aglaia
  God of Splendour  

GC24R2D Traditional Cache Ah Chuy Kak
  Mayan war god, known as the Fire Destroyer.  

GC24R2M Traditional Cache Ah Ciliz
  God of Eclipses  

GC24R2T Traditional Cache Ah Mun
  Mayan god of corn and agriculture.  

GC24R2W Traditional Cache Ah Muzencab
  The bee gods.  

GC24R30 Traditional Cache Ah Pekku
  God of Thunder.  

GC24R35 Traditional Cache Ah Puch
  Ah Puch ruled Mitnal, the lowest level of the Mayan underworld.  

GC24R38 Traditional Cache Ah Tabai
  Ah Tabai (Maya)Hunting God.  

GC24R3B Traditional Cache Ah Uuc Ticab
  mayan fertility and vegetation god.  
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