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WWFM III (shared, public)

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The 3rd Worldwide Flash Mob event.
5/10/08: 10:00-10:15 am PDT (mostly).

Click here and here for WWFM info.


15 Countries
Australia (2)
Canada (26)
Denmark (2)
England (2)
Germany (7)
New Zealand
Norway (2)
South Africa (4)
South Korea
USA (115)

11 Can. Provs. etc.
Alb. (2)
BC (4)
Man. (2)
New Br.
Newf.& Labr. (3)
Nova Sc. (3)
Québ. (2)
Sask. (2)

45 US States, 2 Terrs.
AL (4)
AZ (3)
CA (5)
CO (4)
FL (7)
GA (3)
IN (3)
IA (3)
KS (2)
MA (2)
MI (3)
MS (2)
MO (3)
NV (2)
NJ (2)
NY (4)
NC (3)
OH (2)
OR (4)
PA (3)
RI (2)
SC (3)
TN (15)
TX (4)
UT (2)
VA (2)
WA (3)
WI (2)
WV (1)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1APEQ Event Cache * WWFM III - Coronado Island Flash Mob (San Diego) (5/10/2008)
  BY iTRAX AND FOXTAIL. San Diego, California, USA. 10am PDT. The Original.  

GC1B0C9 Event Cache * AF: Bagram's First Annual WWFM Event (5/10/2008)
  by rickandjen. Bagram, Parwan Province, AFGHANISTAN. 10am PDT/9:30PM Local (UTC+4:30)/1700Z. Be all that you can be.  

GC19Y0Q Event Cache * AU: WWFM – The Last Post (5/10/2008)
  by Tealby. Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, AUSTRALIA. 5pm PDT (May 9th)/10am EST. Flashmob by the Australian War memorial.  

GC19T7Q Event Cache * AU: WWFM III - Make a Federal case of it (5/10/2008)
  by Rhinogeo & Facitman. Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA. 5pm PDT (May 9th)/10am EST. Flashmob at Federation Square.  

GC1AJHG Event Cache * CH: WWFM III - Zurich, Switzerland (5/10/2008)
  by Team Vyrembi & tandemtour. Zurich, SWITZERLAND. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob at the Grossmünster.  

GC1B1D3 Event Cache * DE: WWFM 2008 auf Wangerooge (5/10/2008)
  by y0007880. Wangerooge, Niedersachsen, GERMANY. 9am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob on the North Sea.  

GC19BJY Event Cache * DE: WWFM Germany - Supervised by Herkules (5/10/2008)
  by Geo Team Nordhessen & Welfen Cache Team SO-Nds. Kassel, Hessen, GERMANY. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob in front of a giant picture frame.  

GC1ACQZ Event Cache * DE: WWFM Germany / NRW / NiederRhein / KLEVE (5/10/2008)
  by awema und Shorty ger. Kleve, Nordrhein-Westfalen, GERMANY. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Hats in geocaching logo colors and caching garb.  

GC1B8QK Event Cache * DE: WWFM Hannover (5/10/2008)
  by parapath, SchlauFrau Kümmelsaft & Co. Hannover, Niedersachsen, GERMANY. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob on some stairs (I think).  

GC1B1J0 Event Cache * DE: WWFM III in RASTATT (5/10/2008)
  by Darwater. Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg, GERMANY. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob at the castle.  

GC18XZ5 Event Cache * DE: WWFM Stuttgart (5/10/2008)
  by JR849. Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, GERMANY. 10am PDT/7pm CEST.  

GC1AW88 Event Cache * DE: WWFMIII: Frozen News (5/10/2008)
  by Whitelioness. Munich, Bayern, GERMANY. 1am PDT/10am CEST. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "News Flash".  

GC1B37Y Event Cache * DK: Vejers Strand WWFM (5/10/2008)
  by T2930. Vejers Strand, DENMARK. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob at the Strandhotellet.  

GC1A75X Event Cache * DK: WWFM III - Skagen (5/10/2008)
  by ProsperoDK. Skagen, DENMARK. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob at the Kultur og Fritidscenter. (I think.)  

GC1928P Event Cache * JP: WWFM III @ Shureimon (Land of Propriety) (5/10/2008)
  by Nivad. Okinawa, JAPAN. 9pm PDT (May 9th)/10am JST. Flashmob at Shureimon gate.  

GC19PCZ Event Cache * KR: WWFM III - Seoul, Korea (5/10/2008)
  by New Yorker. Seoul, SOUTH KOREA. 6pm PDT (May 9th)/10am KST. Flashmob at the train station.  

GC1B7M9 Event Cache * NO: Join the mob - Grenlandsmafiaen (5/10/2008)
  by avigerus. Porsgrunn, NORWAY. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob filmed by a webcam.  

GC1AA7Y Event Cache * NO: WWFM III Bergen, Norway: Join The Mob! (5/10/2008)
  by enjoys. Bergen, NORWAY. 10am PDT/7pm CEST.  

GC18W59 Event Cache * NZ: WWFM III - Kiwi Stylie (Auckland) (5/10/2008)
  by KiwiGary. Auckland, North Island, NEW ZEALAND. 3pm PDT (May9th)/10am NZST. HiViz artwork (and a beautiful cache page).  

GC1BK6D Event Cache * SE: WWFM III – Örkaggens Järnväg (5/10/2008)
  by Bo & Elisabeth. Tiveden, SWEDEN. 10am PDT/7pm CEST. Flashmob at the Örkaggen Railway.  
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