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PazaUK's Cache of the Month 2013 (shared, public)

List Owner: PazaUK

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Our Favourite Cache that we found in each month of 2013

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

  Brilliant fun! Deserves every one of its favourite points for a brilliantly constructed cache, well executed!  

GC2ZYRE Multi-cache 02FEB: Tamworth Trail
  A very entertaining and interesting multi around Tamworth with an opportunity to stop part way for a break and a hot pork bap mmmmm!  

GC46Z1X Traditional Cache 03MAR: Longdon 5: Pool View
  Cracking fun made even more entertaining by doing it with me caching bud Baggiewhite.

An honourable mention also this month for Suite Sucess (visit link)
which is a great hide

GC36G5P Unknown Cache 04APR: BEEWARE "The Night Cache"
  So many candidates to choose from this month, it's a shame I have to pick only one, but here they are for the record:
The Urn (Staffordshire) - for revealing a hidden gem
Any one of the 9 blindmouse caches this month for the puzzles AND the great locations
Any one of several at Dunham Massey for the fabulous location and novel caches too
The Beeline to Wentnor series (now sadly archived) for a fantastic walk and a memorable birthday
When Paza Woza Kid for the nostalgia trip and the final find of my birthday placed by my caching bud baggiewhite
Bomber Command - a must do cache in an abandoned military base with the obligatory photo op in the wrecked car
BEEWARE THE NIGHT CACHE wins top prize for a fantastic night cache wig entertaining stages and a brilliant final cache! excellent!

GC359EQ Unknown Cache 05MAY: LP-Hotel Bonus "Scott me up, Beamy"
  Mallorca is stuffed with excellent caches and this was my favourite of a few we found this year. An exploration of not one, but two, abandoned hotels. Ace!

Several blindmouse caches this month too, any one of which could have won the award too.

GC30ACM Unknown Cache 06JUN: The Deuteronomy Deal
  One of several blindmouse caches found this month wins the prize for the brain ache needed to actually get to gz, the pleasant walk and the cracking hide. Mind you the same can be said of the others we found this month too but I think this one required the most thinking!  

GC3PKMQ Traditional Cache 07JUL: Enville - Ye Olde Stile
  Lots of great hides on this series and this one stands out as the best. Excellently constructed cache!

Shout out also to blidnmouse's Major Ursa's Gadget Stash for the brilliant puzzle, great fun to solve, and the fantastic hide too!

GC2K9F6 Unknown Cache 08AUG: The Exodus Spell
  The culmination of months of effort solving and finding so many other puzzle caches, and just when we thought it was over.... Fantastic puzzles, and excellent fun. The euphoria of the four of us when we finally found it!! The most fun you can have with your clothes on!  

GC3Q5G9 Traditional Cache 09SEP: Darley Dash 3 - Crow's Nest
  Any one of these 4 Darley Dash caches could have took the prize. This one edged it for the construction, the red herring and the climb!

Special mention also for Island of Fun! Picture two grown men with a ladder on a roundabout going up a tree! Thank goodness it was dark! Great fun! What is it with me and trees?!

GC4PBV1 Unknown Cache 10OCT: Toll view Time warp
  Brilliant cache, well executed, another mustdo! Also memorable for arriving in September and leaving in October, just picture this nerk sitting in the dark waiting for the clock to tick round!  

GC2M1EN Unknown Cache 11NOV: Park Communication
  Great puzzle,great challenge,great fun, just great! And a DT filler too!

Loads of great blindmouse caches this month too so it must have been a good one!

GC4V0P5 Unknown Cache 12DEC: Bill & Monica's woodland adventure
  The were a few candidates this month like BillnWens The Log Man, finally completing mumbojumbo's Corporation Street Caper ,the worlds smallest commercial brewery To Brew Or Not To Brew by Diesel and Wyvern but the winner is.... Drumroll....

This one a smashing location, and a brilliantly constructed cache the likes of which I never seen before or am likely to ever see again.youmust do this one!
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