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NY to Cape Cod (shared, public)

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GC174Q0 Traditional Cache "Undercover" travel bug motel
N 41° 17.831 W 072° 42.205
Medium sized clear Lock&Lock box for travel bugs, geo coins and some trade items.Wear long pants as there are prickers and some Poison Ivy along the way.Please re-hide the way you found it.

Here's a relatively easy-on easy-off along the 95 to move those TBs and GCs along. This commuter lot is not very busy,so you shouldn't have too much difficulty with it. Easiest approach and to avoid trash and prickers : enter woods by tall pine tree, then walk along water.Take care near the water and do not attempt it in the dark. If you are in the mood for some fresh produce, there's a great farm market less than half a mile north on Route 1. They have llamas and goats (not for sale !) ,seasonal pick-your-own fruits, in addition to meats, dairy and even their own wine. Well worth a visit (and no, we do not work for them :) )

Near deer skull

GC197VT Traditional Cache 1st Geocoin Bank of Greenwich

The 1st Geocoin Bank of Greenwich (here after referred to as THE BANK) is a very quick walk from nearby parking

Regular Size

N 41° 02.280 W 073° 33.878

N 41° 08.867 W 073° 15.477

This is a nano cache at the south bound service area on I95 in Fairfield Ct. It is between exits 22 & 21. It can also be reached from the park & ride on Durell Dr off Papermill La. Difficulty 1.5 only due to very heavy muggle traffic.

The usual magnetic nano so bring your own pencil.


GC17YCQ Traditional Cache Almost There
N 41° 16.435 W 072° 33.569
If you are traveling east you are almost there.. [J] and if traveling west you have missed it…[L]..You will be looking for a small container in a very unlikely location.

Don’t know why this one car pull off is here but it certainly makes for a nice place to pull over and find a cache while traveling along Rt. 1 on he shoreline! This cache will take you to the largest Ct. beach, Hammonasset, and very close to my favorite seafood restaurant. Hope you enjoy the rest stop.

These caches can be draining!

GCX1DP Traditional Cache anasophia's first cache
regular size
N 41° 16.918 W 072° 40.933
Cache is located in a beautiful, but very public place. Muggles will likely abound, so discretion is in order.
Travellers on I-95 might wish to grab this cache, as it is close to the highway and is a good resting spot. Enjoy!

Keep your nose to the grindstone!

GCY2Z5 Traditional Cache Board - Take a Walk

reach for it

N 41° 17.662 W 072° 55.045

GC1996Q Traditional Cache Bug & Coin Commuter Lot - 56
regular size

in commuter lot

A Bug and Coin Commuter Lot (Hotel).

Very easy on-off for I-95 North or South.

Take as many as you like but leave at least one Travel Bug and one Geo-Coin in the cache at all times.

No swag or trade items please.

Make sure lid closes tight!

Second white line points to it.

N 41° 17.653 W 072° 45.662

GC172J1 Traditional Cache Commuter Connection


N 41° 17.405 W 072° 39.888

An easy park & grab in Guilford.

You'll find this micro at a commuter lot off I-95 in Guilford.
Lots of auto traffic in the area, largely during commuter hours. You might want to lay low until the 9 to 5’ers have decamped. Town police occasionally park in the area to monitor speeders.
Pen/log sheet included.

GCHF96 Traditional Cache Concrete Club Cache
N 41° 09.762 W 073° 13.897

This is an urban micro cache. Well hidden, but very easy.

When you pull into the parking lot you should figure it out pretty quickly, as long as you don't have much bounce. Be sure to bring a pen, and park so no one sees you, as it's very busy. You'll see what I mean. Good luck.

It's in a highly enlightened position, but you'd have to be Superman to see it from the car.
(Decrypted Hints)


GCNF07 Traditional Cache CT Solar System: Earth
  This cache is hidden in a typical New England way. It is not far from the closest parking spot, but on really nice days, you may need to park further away as this is a very popular park. There is a lot of signal bounce, so plan on spending some time searching around for the cache, which is an ammo can.


Additional hints

NOTE: climbing up is easier than climbing down!!

GREAT SPOT!! M loved climbing around on the rocks, W had to drag him away after we were finished with the cache!! Had a little trouble locating it at first, there's so many possible hidey spots but we finally took the right approach and went right to it.

N 41° 01.357 W 073° 36.550

GCN7MH Traditional Cache CT Solar System: MARS

mars is at the breaking point. could be considered a black hole

size small

N 41° 02.314 W 073° 34.021

GC17H6M Traditional Cache Don't Muggle My Chowder


Chowder, we prefer New England.

N 41° 17.979 W 072° 45.910

GC1AK4P Traditional Cache Gorton Cemetery


N 41° 22.055 W 072° 09.687

micro located inside the cemetery

The Gorton family had significance in the greater New London area for organizing much of the New England Baptist church sect. The Gorton's were a very prosperous family and owned much of the land in this area at one time.

The cemetery is located on Waterford Parkway South. There's room for parking for one car.

GCXR6X Traditional Cache Greenwich TB Hotel
  Just a really quick stop off I-95 using Exit 4. The cache is located in Bruce Park. Parking is located to the West of the cache on Wood Road.

lurking in the shadows

N 41° 01.286 W 073° 36.452

GCZA6T Traditional Cache Hobbit Town

N 41° 22.415 W 071° 57.410
For those passing through, the cache can easily be reached from I-95 heading either North or South as there is an exit from each direction. The cache container is a silver pill container containing only a log. You will need to supply your own writing utensil. The coordinates were averaged over 10 minutes and are accurate to within 5.2 feet. Please be careful to replace the cache exactly as it was hidden or risk its exposure.

So head to Mystic, enjoy some sight-seeing, some shopping and enjoy a simple cache as well. Good Luck.


GC11GTT Traditional Cache Lenny’s & Joe’s Micro
N 41° 16.474 W 072° 33.259


OH NO another micro in the woods

This cache was placed to take geocachers to a great restaurant and grab a quick meal to maintain their strength to continue on the geocaching trail. You will be looking for a micro with a log sheet so bring your own pencil. Please be aware of your surroundings and use stealth. Hope you enjoy a good meal

GC18FRP Traditional Cache Little Green Men: A New Year


Slide upwards!

N 41° 16.474 W 072° 33.259

GCNDWJ Traditional Cache PIZZA MECCA

The container is behind a pizza paddle (peel) which is attached to the back fence in the parking lot.

N 41° 18.197 W 072° 54.995

GC18X8D Traditional Cache Pub Crawl
N 41° 16.702 W 072° 31.723
hide a key

This is one of my favorite places to eat and have a cocktail in Clinton.

This should be an easy cache to find. The catch is that there is high muggle traffic, so be cautious. The difficulty was done intentionally so that you can go in and have a drink after a long day of caching. Turbo and I have lived in Clinton all our lives and go here very often. There's a good chance that if you go in for a drink and blurt out either Turbo or MOTTS that one of us will be there. If you introduce yourself as a fellow cacher, we will buy you a drink. Make sure you bring a pen or pencil.

GCQ21E Traditional Cache ROAD WARRIOR SERIES CT I-95 Cache 1 Exit 4
N 41° 01.318 W 073° 36.823

At the base of a big rock by a tree covered with a flat rock.

There is now a new much smaller container to replace the previous one- this should be much more survivable and only contains a log sheet with some stubby pencils but you may want to bring your own writing instrument. Please rehide it exactly as you found it.

This is intended to be an easy find - and is very very close to the path-
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