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Solid-Rock-Seekers' First-To-Finds (shared, public)

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We've enjoyed pursing First-To-Finds in an area with many other "first finders." So far, we've been fortunate to have firsts in nine different states (NH, ME, MA, CA, PA, MD, VA, NV, CT) and one Canadian province (NB)!

Other "personal bests" include:
Most in one day: 10 (Mattawamkeag Park series by "peace out" in Maine on 7/7/2012)
Most consecutive days: 5 (twice: 27 April 2007 - 1 May 2007 and 21 July 2012 - 25 July 2012)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCJG7X Traditional Cache # 1 - Oldest Forest in NH [Wilton] (NH)
  9 June 2004 - Our first "First-To-Find!" We found this one despite published coordinates that were off by 3 tenths of a mile!  

GCJP76 Multi-cache # 2 - Londonderry Recreational Areas Tour (NH)
  21 June 2004 - Our next "First-To-Find" was our first experience with caching at night!  

GCJRK9 Traditional Cache # 3 - Destination Downtown Nashua River Cache (NH)
  23 June 2004 - Managed to dash out and get this one as it was close to work!  

GCJWX3 Traditional Cache # 4 - North Chester (ME)
  7 July 2004 - Our first "First-To-Find" outside of NH -- in the great state of Maine!  

GCJWWT Traditional Cache # 5 - Lower Gorden Falls (ME)
  7 July 2004 - Our second "First-To-Find" in just one day!  

GCJZH6 Traditional Cache # 6 - Pole Hill (MA)
  14 July 2004 - Our first Massachusetts "First-To-Find" required phone support from our kids, and was just after midnight - in the rain!  

GCJZMY Traditional Cache # 7 - Little Round Pond (ME)
  16 July 2004 - This one was almost too easy, as it was very near our summer cabin!  

GCKCYB Traditional Cache # 8 - Horse Hill Preserve (NH)
  28 August 2004 - Yet another First-To-Find via a late-night "spur of the moment" dash for the cache!  

GCKMJ5 Traditional Cache # 9 - Oak Hill Vista (NH)
  27 September 2004 - Another late-night caching expedition, but this one after we realized most of the day had gone by without a "First Finder!"  

GCKNFX Traditional Cache # 10 - Almanac Mt. (ME)
  1 October 2004 - OK, we admit it, we love these Northern Maine "First-To-Finds!"  

GCKRH8 Unknown Cache # 11 - Ground Zero III - Hollis (NH)
  11 October 2004 - Our first FTF on a puzzle cache, plus our first success with an "early morning" FTF!  

GCKV93 Traditional Cache # 12 - Mass Pike - 3E (MA)
  16 October 2004 - We were very fortunate on this one -- this cache was listed just hours before our previously planned trip on the Mass Pike! We did this one while our beloved Red Sox were getting trounced in game 3 of the ALCS against the Yankees. In our log we expressed our hope that the Sox would be the first team in history to recover from a 3-0 deficit...  

GCND0N Unknown Cache # 13 - Twenty-Nine (NH)
  9 April 2005 - Our 13th FTF was the result of a "drop everything" dash for a new puzzle cache!  

GCNNX9 Unknown Cache # 14 - Very Puzzling, Indeed! (NH)
  11 May 2005 - Our 14th FTF, but only after a very memorable First-To-Not-Find!  

GCPCVJ Traditional Cache # 15 - CITO Your Summer Part 1 (NH)
  22 June 2005 - After being narrowly beat out yesterday by g-o-cashers on an FTF attempt at The Westford Engineer, we tried again today at this new cache, and scored an FTF!  

GCPJN5 Unknown Cache # 16 - Baud Rate Hex (NH)
  5 July 2005 - This FTF on another interesting puzzle cache was a family effort with significant roles by all 5 Seekers!  

GCPKQ1 Traditional Cache # 17 - Fencing (NH)
  7 July 2005 - Just happened to be in the right place at the right time to head out for this urban micro shortly after it was listed online.  

GCPQNY Traditional Cache # 18 - Milford Memory Box (NH)
  21 July 2005 - We couldn't resist heading out for this brand new Milford cache when it first came up in order to get a possible First-To-Find, even though we had a different plan in mind for our 500th cache. Fortunately, we were sufficiently speedy to have this cache be both our 18th FTF and our 500th cache! Plus, as an added bonus, we just found out that we may end up receiving press coverage in the Milford Cabinet as a result of this cache - oh my!  

GCPWFC Traditional Cache # 19 - A smallish view from the Minks (NH)
  27 July 2005 - We teamed up with DJ and CAL for this "co-FTF"!  

GCPT8F Traditional Cache # 20 - Davey Jones Locker (NH)
  6 August 2005 - We couldn't resist going after an FTF on this paddling cache, even though it meant a night-time paddle on a moonless night!  
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