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Puzzle Academy: Freshman Year Puzzles (shared, public)

List Owner: Sharknose Bunnies

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This is the bookmark list for the Puzzle Academy: Freshman Year cache. It includes over 50 of sparkyfry's and my favorite, easy puzzles. It's a great place to get started on solving puzzles.


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GC182QM Unknown Cache Minnesota Challenge: Alphabet Soup
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
Challenge caches are caches that require you to meet a certain requirement before you can log the cache. Some of them can be extraordinarily difficult, but others are well within reach by beginning cachers. This King Boreas challenge is a great introduction to challenge caches. To log the find on this cache you must find 26 caches, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet. See the full cache description for more details. Have fun!

GCJXZ4 Unknown Cache 494 and Lyndale
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
It's surprising how long cachers will go before they learn how to project a waypoint on their GPS devices. There are enough caches out there involving projecting waypoints that it's a good skill to pick up early on. That's basically the essence of this puzzle: projecting a waypoint. It's surprisingly easy to do, but varies by device. A Google search for "projecting a waypoint" followed by your GPS type will usually lead you to everything you need to know. Give it a shot!

Sparkyfry's Notes:
Whenever possible, I like to do waypoint projections online before going to the cache site. For help with waypoint projections, I have found this site -- (visit link) -- to be helpful. Just make sure you put the coordinates in the correct format (e.g., 44:59.123) and switch the "Distance Units" to feet.

GC1M6MZ Unknown Cache ABC Easy As 123
  Sparkfry's Notes:
The conversion method should be fairly straightforward on this one.

GC40B8E Unknown Cache Ancel Glen Pond Nightcache v2.0
  Sharknose Bunnies Notes:
The first nightcache in the academy got archived, and this one is a good candidate to replace it. Basically, show up at ground zero at night with a nice bright flashlight, then follow the reflecting tacks until you find a few tacks together. That's the location of the final container.

This one is nicely done, with intelligently placed tacks that are nicely spaced. Very solid nightcache.

GC25257 Unknown Cache Another for the Kids
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
A clean, creative puzzle! Nicely done, and super easy!

GC2DG14 Unknown Cache Basking in the Sunshine
  Sparkyfry's Notes:
This looks it might be a foreign language. I wonder if Google can help? It doesn't just do web searches, you know!

GC2C2XZ Unknown Cache Bebe's Maze
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
A super easy maze puzzle, great for little kids to try. My seven-year-old daughter got it right on her first try. Nicely crafted!

GC43ENN Unknown Cache C Eller
  Sharknose Bunnies Comments:
This puzzle highlights one of the first things you want to do for every puzzle cache you try, as a lot of times information is hidden on cache pages this way. Drag that cursor and watch what unfolds. :)

Even better, once you solve this one, there are an entire set of these to come find. You can get 15+ puzzle finds in an hour! Woot!

GCGWME Unknown Cache Cache: Traveling thru Purgatory
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
This traveling type of puzzle cache is no longer allowed by Groundspeak, but this particular cache is grandfathered in. Basically, you find an initial container that has the coordinates to the final cache. What makes this cache special though, is that you can then hide the final someplace else, mark down the coordinates, go back to the first stage, and record the new coordinates. In this sense the cache travels around the park. See the cache page for more details, but this is a fun one.

GC1P7X7 Unknown Cache Camden Light and Power
  Sparkyfry's Notes:
Although there is no Geochecker on this puzzle, you should be able to figure it out pretty simply. This is a standard puzzle type where information in the cache description represents a number from the coordinates. You'll note that there are 14 lines of number/letter combinations. There are also 14 numbers in most sets of coordinates (if you don't include the first "0" in the longitude and use "93" rather than "093). Since the posted coordinates are 45 01.500 93 19.500, you can usually assume in puzzles like this that the first number will be a 4. Do you see a way that you could get a 4 from the first line of number/letter combinations?

GC29F0C Unknown Cache Captcha Cache
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
One of the finest puzzles done by puzzle connisseur Ruderat. Are you human indeed? Good humor, and should present little trouble.

GC2CTDJ Unknown Cache Child's Play 2
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
Super easy puzzle, and very nicely done!

GCVYPD Unknown Cache Creekview
  Sparkyfry's Notes:
There is one simple trick that will get you the coordinates to this puzzle. Knowledge of this trick will be very useful on many other puzzles. The cache owner did give us permission to say that the solution to the puzzle can be found right on the cache page.

Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
I can't tell you how many hours I spent on this puzzle, going down one line of thought that was completely and totally wrong. I only wish I hadn't been so stubborn that I refused hints on this one. I was so relieved when I finally solved it.

GC2856A Unknown Cache Discover Lakeville: Downtown
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
One of my favorite puzzles of all-time. This is a unique type of photo puzzle where you have to put a series of photos in the correct order based on how you find them along a particular route. This one can take a while, but it's very enjoyable and accessible fun for all ages. Very nicely done, and great fun!

GC480JA Unknown Cache Emoji West #10
  Sparkyfry's Notes:
This is a great series, and this one is as easy as it looks. A good way to start the series.

GC2503J Unknown Cache enigma di biblioteca
  Sharknose Bunnies: A gentle and fun field math puzzle multi-stage puzzle, in a great spot. You can see that a lot of care went into this one. Recommended for the kids as well. They'll love it!  

GC2VMWJ Unknown Cache Father of His Country Game
  Sharknose Bunnies Notes:
Just an all-around top notch Prezi turned into a puzzle. Great for kids, and a good way to learn how to build and solve a trivia-based puzzle!

GC23QJX Unknown Cache For the kids - No Lion
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
Anything Brooklyn51 does is high quality, and this fun little web game is a very easy puzzle yet so nicely executed.

GC2XEKY Unknown Cache FTF Hounds Are Still Too Impatient
  Sharknose Bunnies' Notes:
Another brilliant technological achievement from pfalstad. At first glance, you might wonder what to do, but don't give up. Come back the next day and try again.

GC2YEYM Unknown Cache Geocaching Macarena
  Sparkyfry's Notes:
While the Macarena reference is a bit dated -- it should really have been Geocaching Gangnam Style -- this is a solid, straightforward puzzle. And I'm not just saying this because both I and one of my children are in it.
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