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Inaugural Year 2000 Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: lamoracke

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There was no bookmark showing all the 2000 caches including the archived ones. These are merely in the order of the hidden date on the top, this list is not to imply the exact order they were created or published.

If you find any caches not in this list that I can bookmark, please let me know.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCF Traditional Cache 05/03/2000 The Original Stash
  GCF. Found 3 times.  

GC4 Traditional Cache 05/07/2000 Mike's First
  GC4. Found just once (though someone probably falsely logged it 9 years later, cache listing locked now)  

GC5 Traditional Cache 05/07/2000 Secret Lava Bed
  GC5 Found 15 times before archiving.  

GC10 Traditional Cache 05/08/2000 First Divine
  GC10. Found 8 times  

GC1C Traditional Cache 05/09/2000 LAX
  GC1C. Found 15 times  

GC6 Traditional Cache 05/09/2000 Rivertracks
  GC6. Found 2 times.

Update. Cache page is locked, but cache is still there, well, at least the outer casing of the original cache. I believe a throwdown was placed there with permission of Dave Ulmer, but GS said no to unarchival.

GC30 Traditional Cache 05/11/2000 Mingo
  GC30. USA - Kansas  

GC45 Traditional Cache 05/12/2000 First New Zealand
  GC45. Never found  

GC12 Traditional Cache 05/12/2000 GC12 5/12/2000
  GC12. USA - Oregon  

GC28 Traditional Cache 05/13/2000 Beverly
  GC28. USA - Illinois  

GC13 Traditional Cache 05/15/2000 Billy Graham Lookout
  GC13. Found 5 times  

GC42 Traditional Cache 05/15/2000 Geocache
  GC42. Never found  

GC14 Traditional Cache 05/16/2000 Williams Lake
  GC14. Found 3 times  

GC3E Virtual Cache 05/18/2000 Lane Cove
  GC3E. Australia - New South Wales. Was originally listed as a traditional.  

GC7 Traditional Cache 05/25/2000 Geocache
  GC7. 3 finds before a few showed up in 2009, thus, still there or not?  

GC46 Traditional Cache 05/26/2000 Geocache by Kevin Anderson (Wellington)
  GC46. New Zealand  

GC39 Traditional Cache 05/26/2000 The Spot
  GC39. USA - New York  

GC33 Traditional Cache 05/27/2000 Hilltop
  GC33. Found 14 times  

GC8 Traditional Cache 05/28/2000 Mountain Marsh
  GC8. Found 135 times  

GC34 Traditional Cache 05/29/2000 Acorns
  GC34. Found 26 times  
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