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A cache a day (shared, public)

List Owner: Shrek!

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This is a list of the caches that will qualify me to log some challenge caches that require a find each day for one hundred days.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC19DRE Traditional Cache 001-Little Red
  Found on 12/19/08.  

GC1JKBK Traditional Cache 002-Rusty Nut
  Found on 12/20/08.  

GC1H6Y0 Traditional Cache 003-Science Project
  Found on 12/21/08.  

GC1HX8W Traditional Cache 004-Lady’s Favorite Park
  Found on 12/22/08.  

GC1FTBH Traditional Cache 005-For The Birds
  Found on 12/23/08.  

GC16508 Traditional Cache 006-Fast Food Frenzy #7
  Found on 12/24/08.  

GC1JJK0 Traditional Cache 007-Twin Peaks
  Found on 12/25/08.  

GC1A6BK Traditional Cache 008-Are You Smarter Than A Fourth Grader?
  Found on 12/26/08.  

GC1JRDM Traditional Cache 009-Clear for Takeoff
  Found on 12/27/08.  

GC1AYBE Traditional Cache 010-Nothing But Cache
  Found on 12/28/08.  

GC10253 Unknown Cache 011-Papago Trails 2
  Found on 12/29/08.  

GCYAQX Unknown Cache 012-Airport Oasis
  Found on 12/30/08.  

GC1HQ2R Traditional Cache 013-Hamtenna
  Found on 12/31/08.  

GC1EZZV Traditional Cache 014-Walk The Dog
  Found on 1/1/09.  

GC19639 Traditional Cache 015-Mighty Tree Monster Water
  Found on 1/2/09.  

GC1JEPR Multi-cache 016-Park Series #32: Folley
  Found on 1/3/09.  

GC1BDD5 Traditional Cache 017-Digital Jacks
  Found on 1/4/09.  

GC1JT6T Multi-cache 018-Park Series #42: Rio Salado
  Found on 1/5/09.  

GC1K1HZ Traditional Cache 019-Park Series #51: Nevitt
  Found on 1/6/09.  

GC1D6JJ Traditional Cache 020-Arizona State Library Gardens
  Found on 1/7/09.  
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