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Unresolved DNF's (shared)

List Owner: The Leprechauns

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These caches defeated the Elves, for whatever reason. We log a DNF whenever we leave the car, set a "go to," search actively for the cache, but do not sign the log. Reasons, excuses and theories for the DNF are provided. I've got 149 more DNF's that were later resolved with a "found it" -- these aren't included in the list. And if the cache was archived before I had a chance to get back and find it, the list doesn't include that, either. It'd be too depressing to be reminded of a DNF that could never be avenged. Currently, The Leprechauns have 552 Total DNF Logs and 98 caches with Unresolved DNF's.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC6FXCB Traditional Cache #5 Home Is Where The Heart Is Series
  DNF 5/20/18. Mistaking a dead rat for a creative cache container threw me off my game here.  

GC196FK Traditional Cache 100 GEOCACHES TO FIND # 70
  DNF 5/31/10. I'm one of three DNF's on an easy park and grab that's likely missing from the gas station's guardrail. EDIT: The cache was confirmed missing and was replaced.  

GC5V9VB Traditional Cache 16 PHT Pennsylvania Side
  DNF 8/9/15. This was our only DNF among 33 finds along a rails to trails, and we were in good company.  

GC4C4TF Unknown Cache 7 x 100 Challenge Cache
  DNF 5/25/18. We got tired of rooting around in the dirt along a treed fenceline.  

GC2FAN5 Traditional Cache 86 near 86 - Off 85 To 70
  DNF 5/20/18. I began a nine state "counties run" roadtrip with a DNF. Maybe because my GPS was set to "lock on nearest road?" Doh!  

GC41CEK Traditional Cache 90 Eastbound Lorain County
  DNF 4/8/13. An employee was sitting in her car right at ground zero at this rest area cache. I don't know who was more surprised - me or her.  

GC2ZJQ7 Unknown Cache A Busy Day in West Virginia
  DNF 9/7/15. I was the third DNF on this challenge cache that should've been an easy find on a regular sized container. Bet it's missing!  

GC4R3M3 Traditional Cache AFK to Chilo Lock 34 (CCPD)
  DNF 11/24/19. This cache at a busy boat ramp on the Ohio River might be missing.  

GC4QPTX Traditional Cache AFK to the Arena
  DNF 8/4/18. Goldilocks and I believed that this nano in a high muggle zone had gone missing. We were wrong.  

GC65PY9 Traditional Cache AHinDL #20 - When Does One Become Four?
  DNF 5/8/16. My only miss in a series of about 30 caches in a large county park. Of course, this one is the furthest away from parking!  

GC1584B Traditional Cache Arch of Muckitude
  DNF 11/28/08. This was our only DNF during a good hike through a nature preserve in Webster, NY. Ours was the 2nd DNF after many finds, and we think the cache may be missing. Edit: We thought wrong!  

GC4JG74 Traditional Cache Arkoma Park #2
  DNF 10/20/19. A homeless camp near ground zero is the likely cause for this Oklahoma/Arkansas border town cache going missing.  

GC78862 Letterbox Hybrid Ashes to Logs (MWWF) Badlands
  DNF 3/15/20. This was the only cache we couldn't find along a nice trail loop. There was evidence of very recent logging.  

GC4J3AR Traditional Cache August Souvenir Series Geocache Day
  DNF 12/9/18. Four of us searched in vain for an FTF opportunity that has been out there since August 2013! Must be well-hidden...  

GC1DBYB Traditional Cache Blue Light Special
  DNF 3/17/09. This DNF on a micro at a busy festival area was one of three for us in Shreveport, LA. Ours was the third DNF in a row. After a 4th DNF the owner replaced the missing cache.  

GCYGD7 Traditional Cache Bridge
  DNF 6/14/08. Evil micro on a horse trail bridge in south central Ohio. Four of us spent 90 minutes inspecting every inch of that bridge! DNF 6/10/18. Almost exactly a decade later, the same result! DNF 11/30/19. We returned, armed with a hint. Still nothing.  

GC3DYWM Traditional Cache BT-81
  DNF 9/23/17. One of four DNF's in this poorly maintained series.  

GCWGHF Traditional Cache Buhl Micro
  DNF 5/06/07. Hidden somewhere in a big stone and wood picnic pavilion at a grand old park. A park full of muggles! I gave up my search when 2 sat down about 30 feet away from me.  

GC3E5V6 Unknown Cache Busy Cache Challenge
  DNF 10/22/19. This lamp post cache was missing, but that didn't stop challenge cache hounds from logging their finds.  

GC8HYPK Traditional Cache Caches We Love to Hate: The Edge of the Cemetery
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