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My Favorite Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: cgeek

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Just some of my favorites. Why are they my favorites - a variety of reasons. Thanks for viewing.

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GCY8HM Traditional Cache 7TOTB: That Floating Sensation
  This one got archived today right after I found it because the original "tool kit" cache for the series got archived. I am glad I got the series done before the archive. The design on this one was really cool and I am going to try and replicate it.  

GC104BP Multi-cache A walk with Bert
  Not only did this cache make my list because of its excellent camo and hiding technique but because it was my first cache find of 2007. Was cool to be FTF on it, too.  

GCZ492 Traditional Cache A Whole Lot Creepy...
  Very creative cache page and hide.  

GCY1H9 Unknown Cache AATN
  This is one of my own caches but I wanted to put it on my list because it was my 200th hide.  

GC11A7E Multi-cache Abandon Hope
  This one is making my list for the 7 hours it took to get this one smiley. The experience was made all the more special because of the group I was with when we did it. Special thanks to Hoot Owl, Spencersb, Gibbenator, Tuck Sackett, Prontopup, and Chibongo.  

GCNMQ8 Traditional Cache Alabama Music Hall Of Fame
  This was my first ever find in the state of Alabama.  

GCY3GM Traditional Cache Alexis' Cache
  This was my 1100th find and a cache by my good friend Chibongo. This was my second time on this body of water this week and, for someone who is not all that fond of water, it was a big step. I was with red0969 when I found this one.  

GCG19C Traditional Cache Bellevue Park and Find
  Was a neat hide but that is not why it is on my list. This cache was my 400th find. It was June 23, 2006 at around 8:20 pm. Red0969 was with me.  

GCV9W2 Traditional Cache Big!Oak
  This was my 100th find (took me 34 days to get to 100). It was a beautiful oak tree and indeed a BIG oak. :-)  

GCC124 Traditional Cache Bill's Grill
  This was my first find in Arkansas so it has to be on my list. Cache was ant infested but otherwise in good shape. Very nice technique for camo!  

GCY1Q8 Event Cache Cgeek's Whirlwind 1k Milestone (09/23/2006)
  This was an event cache but a cache it was. Thanks to all who attended my 1K event.  

GC63E Traditional Cache Coon Skin
  My 1300th find. A great hike on a beautiful Fall day. Thanks to BDD for placing this cache!  

GCYH2B Traditional Cache Dead Drop 5
  This was my 1200th find. Very creative camo - a QLaymon hallmark!  

GCVTKM Multi-cache Dead End
  This one could have been the end for me. The first time I went looking for it I bushwacked ALOT when it was not needed. I really could have gotten hurt but was very lucky. Thanks to encouragement from my mentor Chibongo, I got back up on the horse and went back the next day to grab the cache in a MUCH easier fashion.  

GCJTZH Traditional Cache EAST
  This was my 900th find so it definitely makes my list. This area was a refreshing site at the end of a long day of caching. Nice treasure hidden in the city.  

GCNFX0 Unknown Cache Fogelman's Revenge
  This was my 700th find.  

GCYYJN Traditional Cache Hendersonville Alphabet Soup "J"
  Find #2300 for me.  

GCG9V9 Traditional Cache Hole-in-da-wall
  This was my first find in Mississippi so it had to make the list. A great place to sit and watch the airplanes if you are into that kind of thing.  

GCNR1B Traditional Cache Let's Make A Deal
  Not a difficult cache but a neat place and such a famous story. Glad I saw "THE" spot.  

GCTRD5 Traditional Cache Medal of Honor
  This cache is being added to my bookmark list. I was out caching by myself today because my team mates were otherwise occupied. I had planned to grab the other cache (only) in this park but muggles were fishing nearby. I really didn't want to go bushwhacking because I am recovering from an attack of the chiggers (GeoWoodstock IV). Anyway, I couldn't resist. I went off on the walk and then into the woods. I made it harder than it should have been but did finally make my way to the cache location. This is the first cache of this type (IN the woods) that I have done alone where I have actually found the cache and not given up. I was pumped!! I was also drained of a great deal of blood by the thirsty misquitoes but I will survive. TFTH and TFTC!  
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