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U.K.'s Virtuals (shared, public)

List Owner: Haggis Hunter

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This list was made on the 12th August 2006. At the time of making it there was only 212 active Virtual Caches within the UK.
With Groundspeak banning all webcam & virtual caches at the beginning of 2006, it looks like this number will dwindle through time, and this icon will become extremely scarce and hard to get.

Let's hope they all survive.

For the owners of these caches - You may not know but if you disable your cache for maintenance, you will be able to re-enable it yourself. But if you archive it for any reason at all, you will never be able to re-activate it what so ever. Think carefully before archiving your cache! Don't archive unless you have no other option, let's keep the icon going.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC4E4B Virtual Cache 16th Century Pub (Central London)

GC94EB Virtual Cache A "common" Cache

GCDD75 Virtual Cache A Bigger Splash

GCJ84J Virtual Cache A bit of.........

GC6717 Virtual Cache A Hale and Hearty Childe (Merseyside)

GC22E5 Virtual Cache A Meating place for Martyrs

GC2486 Virtual Cache A Moravian Walk (W Yorks)

GCC813 Virtual Cache A Transporter,but not on the star ship Enterprise

GCH8DC Virtual Cache A Wing and a Prayer (Hampshire)

GCGA2T Virtual Cache Agricultural Cathedral (Oxfordshire)

GCG42B Virtual Cache aiii que dolor

GC2E4D Virtual Cache Alberts Famine

GC6633 Virtual Cache Alternate Title #1 (North Yorkshire)

GCJ2YJ Virtual Cache Ancient Vandalism

GCJR1X Virtual Cache Arbroath Automotive Achievement

GC1B78 Virtual Cache Avebury Stone Circle (Wilts)

GC8170 Virtual Cache Bald Eagle

GC754B Virtual Cache Bathampton

GCJQK2 Virtual Cache Beehive Coke Ovens

GCA133 Virtual Cache Bird's Eye View
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