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Vantage Points (shared, public)

List Owner: The Red Rovers

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The challenge: Find caches hidden by 100 different cachers.

All caches must be found on or after June 12, 2010.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC28T88 Traditional Cache 10sgrl: 4th Times a Charm
  found: 07/30/2010  

GC17EPP Traditional Cache 2 on a hog: Lucky's Back
  found: 09/06/2010  

GC2ER1B Traditional Cache 2cachecowz: cowz hate snakes
  found: 09/10/2010  

GC1JGNY Traditional Cache 2lols: Make a Wish
  found 7/11/2010  

GC23EZ9 Traditional Cache 300cdturbo: Liberty
  found 8/31/2010  

GCTA7N Traditional Cache 50sumtin: Been Here: Pastoria
  found 11/5/2010  

GCEE9C Traditional Cache 60elcamino & K9&Purr: Big Rigs
  found 10/2/2010  

GC2DPV4 Traditional Cache afternooncamp: Dragon's Booty
  found 10/18/2010  

GC26E2P Traditional Cache Alamogul: Up a Creek without a Paddle
  found 08/16/2010  

GC1MMF7 Letterbox Hybrid Albatrozz: Don Edwards – Oasis in Silicon
  found 9/28/2010  

GC2BZ3T Traditional Cache alcatrazmedia: Good Game, Bad Seats...
  found 11/9/2010  

GC1V3GK Traditional Cache AlphaRomero: Morgan Hill Guy!
  found 06/15/2010  

GCTKYG Traditional Cache Antfugue: Half Dome in the Park
  found 08/08/2010  

GC2HK72 Traditional Cache Atomsoup: Happy Halloween!
  found 11/01/2010  

GC1192G Traditional Cache BAOCorienteer: Semaphore Puzzle
  found 10/12/2010  

GC1JBYG Traditional Cache Baron88: Newark Community Park
  found 9/21/2010  

GC1VFRJ Traditional Cache Batou-San & Frolovasaur: Crayola, In Bloom
  found 07/05/2010  

GC1KCQ2 Traditional Cache BellComstocks: Laurelwood Creek Overlook
  found 08/29/2010  

GC10NZP Traditional Cache bellydancer59: Under The Great Oak Tree
  found 09/06/2010  

GC2A5K0 Traditional Cache Ben Loudermilk: Big Bay View
  found 07/21/2010  
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