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The GC Icon Challenge (shared, public)

List Owner: Flatouts

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The challenge is to collect the GC icons.
Main List of Icons:
Traditional Cache - Traditional Cache
Multi Cache - Multi Cache
Mystery Cache - Mystery Cache
Virtual Cache - Virtual Cache
Letterbox Hybrid - Letterbox Hybrid
Earthcache - EarthCache
Webcam Cache - Webcam Cache
Event Cache - Event Cache
CITO Event - CITO Event
NGS Benchmarks - NGS Benchmarks

Rare Icons:
- Mega-Event
- Adventure Exhibits (one we do not have yet)
- Wherigo
- Locationless (one we can not get ever)
- Project APE

Otherwise we have all of the above and a few special ones not mentioned:
- Groundspeak HQ (Sub Icon of Event & Unknown)
- Lost and Found Event Cache (Sub of Event)

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC24F7Q Community Celebration Event 10 Years! Brevard County, FL SCGA Style
  Not required by the Challenge but what the heck, it's a special Icon - we managed 2 that day.  

GCMFZ5 Letterbox Hybrid AZALEA
  Used because it was our 1st Loggable Letterbox - we did several others prior that were not Hybrid  

GCGM09 Unknown Cache Bridges over Fern Creek
  Using this one because it was our favorite, not the hardest but it had the wow factor of a special place and learning of it's history and had beautiful scenery to enjoy while discovering a place we never knew existed in our own back yard. This is what hooks us Geocaching and what it is all about to us. The Journey! If you forget that or miss that element you might as well get out of the game.  

GCZDA0 Earthcache Great Falls Earthcache
  We have a few of these we could list all have been pretty darn good and lots of fun. But this one is just Awesome and we've been back a few times in different seasons, it's a really cool place and we've completed the other EC except for the final part so we'll have to return someday and complete it also.  

GCDA63 Virtual Cache Greatfalls Overlook
  Using this one for Virtual icon for the Challenge because Great Falls is just so damn Cool!  

GCK25B Groundspeak HQ Groundspeak Headquarters
  This is actually a Special Sub Icon under Mystery/Puzzle Cache and not listed for the Challenge but what the heck right, might as well list them all... Hey maybe get extra credit or something...LOL Cool this about this memory was walking down the street by HQ and Bryan walks up and noticed our name tag and goes Wow Flatouts in person how cool is that... We were stunned for a moment.. But I send many a hour working on Geocoin listings and Bryan had helped me quite a bit. Kinda got to know each other. We shared the SCGA Space Shuttle Coin with him and he literately flipped out like a little kid... Also met Jon / Mount10Bike and got see the first Geocoin and talk about Geocoins and pages. Results later proved to be valued and changes ensued. Wow and we were part of it... What a Day!  

GC24GYW Geocaching HQ Celebration Lost & Found Celebration
  Another Special Icon Not required by the Challenge - this one is under Events (if it were annual it would have been listed under MEGA as there was 1,541 logged attends and thus approx 3,000 individual cachers in attendance)It was way Cool and a real Blast!!!  

GC1169 Project APE Cache Mission 9: Tunnel of Light
  Very Proud to be able to list this one! But you know what it was just one of the best and most enjoyable hikes we have ever done to date. Hike in the Cascades Priceless!!!! Just Amazing and Breath taking.. We will never forget! AWESOME!  

GCHF5X Webcam Cache One for the Team
  Okay So we're not really into virtuals and even less into web cam caches and totally think the New Challenge Cache types Suck.. Well most do but there are some that are pretty cool that we might do if the opportunity presents itself. Especially the ones by Clan Riffster.
BTW Clan Riffster made us do this one...LOL
Hey, it serves it's purpose for the GC Challenge..

GC15FF Multi-cache Pingy Head South (Central Fla's 1st GeoCache!!!)
  The oldest cache in Central Florida and meets the requirement of the Challenge for a Multi Icon.  

GC19ZR3 Cache In Trash Out Event Seminole CITO Multi (04/19/2008)
  Our First CITO we had a blast!  

GC2X7PX Mega-Event Cache Seventh Annual Florida Finders Fest
  This was FL History - we could have bookmarked a Geowooodstock but this was way cooler and a lot more fun!
Whoo Hoo Florida's First MEGA event!

GC19W5E Unknown Cache The GC Icon Challenge
  This one is required to be listed by the challenge.  

GC92 Traditional Cache Un-Original Stash
  Un-Original Stash is one of the oldest placed caches on our list - it would be the Original Stash but alas it went MIA and is now a placard and newer cache resides next to it. The placed date was changed to be that of the date the commemorative placard was put in place. Since we did both we're are using this one as our oldest.  

GC1K2C5 Wherigo Cache Wheri(wanna)go Spring Hopping
  Okay this was hard to decide which one to list all have good memories one even coined our group caching nickname "The Wedding Crachers" (TWC)... But this is one of our favorites next to Hidden Treasures.. Tough call but both are well worth doing. Heck they all have been so far.  

GC1BAZ1 Event Cache WWFM III-Altamonte Springs (05/10/2008)
  Our first Event  
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