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Small Boat Caches (shared, public)

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This is a list of caches which either require a small boat to get to, or can optionally be reached via boat if you're so inclined. All are in the general vicinity of the Puget Sound.

Some have asked me why I keep archived caches on this list. I do this deliberately. The cachers who search for boat caches are the same people who place boat caches, and I believe that information about previous caches is essential when evaluating a location as a potential hiding spot. Many times the only way of knowing why there *isn't* a cache somewhere is to read the logs of the archived caches that *used* to be there. Often, you'll find out a previous cache was removed for a good reason, and that reason applies equally to new caches (e.g., the park ranger doesn't want caches at that spot). Without the information provided by these archived boat caches, you would have difficulty avoiding problems with cache placement.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC4NEFJ Unknown Cache 100 Earthcaches Challenge - a Paddling Cache

GC1GNVF Multi-cache 163 Houses

GC2G4F9 Traditional Cache 65 Feet of Dereliction

GC2NH0D Multi-cache 7L's - Chain Lake Paddle

GC2KY22 Multi-cache 7L's - Lake Cassidy Canoe

GC1EH7E Traditional Cache A Day on the Lake

GC339F8 Traditional Cache A float to Hope

GC3QDFQ Traditional Cache A Lake St. Clair Paddle

GC4NAKV Multi-cache A Madrona Multi on Multiple Madrones

GC70GFX Traditional Cache A Paddle Caching Experiment

GC1WEVH Traditional Cache A Picnic Across The Lake

GCHT3R Traditional Cache A Ride On The Lake 1

GC4KWFP Traditional Cache A Small on a Micro?

GC4N9E1 Traditional Cache A Stump in the Water

GC1CGQX Unknown Cache Aauuggghhh...

GC2DDEV Traditional Cache Abandoned: DERable Paddle Number One

GC367FA Multi-cache About 75 feet of dereliction

GC11YJR Traditional Cache Above the Flood

GC4FPD0 Traditional Cache Adams' Island

GCQEW6 Traditional Cache Ahoy Matia
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