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Favorite caches of mine that have fallen by the wayside, very unfortunate as these were all stellar caches.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2PMKJ Traditional Cache The World I Know
  Quite a cool tree climb!  

GC194EK Traditional Cache "HEADS OFF" CACHE
  It was "a-HEAD" of its time! No literally, it was a head.  

GC3B46N Traditional Cache "I Hate Trees"
  You had to log your find inside of a log. How cool is that?  

GC21XGH Unknown Cache 12 j00 1337?!!!!121
  Neat puzzle the "read" and quite a few hiding spots made this one memorable on my all in one day difficulty challenge!  

GC6ABC1 Traditional Cache 2016 Metro Parks GeoTrail - Rocky Fork
  I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your cache out!  

GC73CH5 Traditional Cache 2017 Metro Parks GeoTrail - Homestead
  It was in a FROG! RIB-BIT!  

GC73D2H Unknown Cache 2017 Metro Parks GeoTrail - Scioto Audubon
  You had to SMELL your way to the right combination to use on the lock.  

GC74HF8 Unknown Cache 2017 Metro Parks GeoTrail - Scioto Grove
  This one required some texts to get the coordinates to the final after answering some very important questions!  

GC73D7B Multi-cache 2017 Metro Parks GeoTrail - Slate Run (A)
  Nice stroll through the wetlands of Slate Run, making you go further and further on into the park.  

GC7NDFT Unknown Cache 2018 Metro Parks GeoTrail - Bonus Cache
  Indoor nature center find where it was under the watchful lock of the fish above. Their treasure reveled the needed code.  

GC7N3Q4 Traditional Cache 2018 Metro Parks GeoTrail - Scioto Grove
  Really had to hone your inner fisherman to land this cache on dry dock!  

GC865E2 Traditional Cache 2019 Metro Parks GeoTrail - Blendon Ravines
  Newest addition to the Metro Parks. Great are to explore where the trails right now are only suggestions!  

GC1F86R Traditional Cache 33 East
  Posted nano...take the top off and lookie there!  

GC12MKZ Unknown Cache 5858 What the #@!! ?
  A log in a film can. How is this hard? It's in a 5 gallon water cooler jug. Okay it may take a few jostle it free. The catch is there are easily over 100 of these buggers in there to sift through to find THE ONE!!!  

GC3H5MQ Traditional Cache 80's Toy Cache
  Not only was it a cool place, the contents were a blast from the past. Finding this in the middle of an abandoned railroad culvert in all the rocks was very invigorating!  

GC6N5NW Traditional Cache A Bird's Eye View of GeoWoodstock 15
  How much wood would a woodpecker peck if THIS woodpecker could peck wood?  

GC2YXQ1 Traditional Cache A Confederate in Union
  Great history! I ended up in Union on a back roads geo-tour of Virginia and West Virginia and didn't know I would end up here. So I returned later to make a stop! Very interesting testament to troubled times 150 years ago.  

GC1JAQD Traditional Cache a quick smiley
  Easiest find (along with countless others) but this one...I dunno...just popped out from the rest! Right on out of its container!  

GC1AQQZ Unknown Cache Albino Lincoln Logs: Choose Your Own Ending
  HARD version. Great park and great hide, one that many will "gravitate" towards. LOL  

GC2TDBY Traditional Cache All Ramped Up!
  One of my few FTFs, and on the campus of my Alma Mater! Very cool placement in the woods that is named appropriately.  
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