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Fuerteventura (shared, public)

List Owner: berani

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At first we made this bookmarklist for ourself and why not public so..... We like Fuerteventura very much. In 2009 the island had 40 caches. So we made a list. On the list you can see in what area the cache is. We show the list in public so others can use the list. We shall try to update the list frequently. You can see the last update at the bottom.

If you see that a (or Your) cache isn't on the list please contact us.

A view things on the list are personal others are for everyone who use the list.
The numbers 1/2/3/are personal.

The number of * is which we gave to the caches we have found. Its between * and *****. Its personal but our rating is made on base of difficulty or great view or beautifull place or interesting place or all of them.

The characters N / S / E / W stands for the direction of the wind.

Good Luck and Happy Caching.
Enjoy the Beauty of the Island

Last update: 10 January 2018

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC6HJ97 Traditional Cache @
  FV1 NW La Capellania 2a  

GC7BGXT Unknown Cache 1 Dune Anagram Adventure
  FV1a S Corralejo 2a  

GC41C57 Traditional Cache 1, 2 oder 3
  FV2 Costa Calma 1a  

GC7BH1R Unknown Cache 2 Dune Anagram Adventure
  FV1a S Corralejo 2a  

GC7BGZZ Unknown Cache 3 Dune Anagram Adventure
  FV1a S Corralejo 2a  

GC7BH3N Unknown Cache 4 Dune Anagram Adventure
  FV1a S Corralejo 2a  

GC7BH5G Unknown Cache 5 Dune Anagram Adventure
  FV1a S Corralejo 2a  

GC7BH6K Unknown Cache 6 Dune Anagram Adventure
  FV1a S Corralejo 2a  

GC5WZ4C Earthcache A&M on tour: Los Boquetes
  SW La Pared NW Costa Calma 3a  

GC3J0T9 Traditional Cache Adventureland
  Corralejo (FV101) 2a  

GC7WBJ5 Traditional Cache Agua Cabras

GC32YVJ Traditional Cache Agua en la montaña
  N la Matilla ***

Log 14 nov 2014
Finally I found the cache. The first time a searched for the cache for an hour. It had to be a FTF on 10/30/2011 (and I still see it as FTF). But the coordinates on the site were wrong about 150 meters off.
This day I went up here for the other caches on those mountains.

GC6ANNT Unknown Cache Aguas Verdes
  Aguas Verdes ???  

GC7W3QR Traditional Cache Aguas Verdes

GC6Y3JG Traditional Cache Airport North
  N Airport 2a  

GC50ZKB Traditional Cache Airport TB-Hotel Fuerteventura
  E Airport 2a  

GC7DW56 Traditional Cache Airport TB-Hotel Fuerteventura
  S Airport 2a  

GC378DA Traditional Cache Alares bridge
  E El Cortijo W Las Salinas 2a ***
N side of FV-2

Log: 16 nov 2013
I was with the 4x4 so I took a trail to get to the road near the cache Presa Alares so I could walk along the 4 caches but, the "road" was all of a sudden no road any more and I ended between a lott of bones (an other victim that stranded here?). When I looked on my GPS I found out that this cache was only 90 meters away. So I did this one first. After a little walk I found the cache and took the coin with me. After that I drove back and found the right track to Presa Alares. TFTC

GC374X1 Traditional Cache Alares_1
  E El Cortijo W Las Salinas 2a **
N side of FV-2

Log: 16 nov 2013
A little walk along the 3 caches (the other one I found earlier) this was the last one. I walked down from the top of Los Alares at the backside and went to this cache the sun was still there. The cache was an easy find if you know that its there. Thanks for the nice walk and the 4 caches.

GC2RJED Traditional Cache alpenrider_Fuerte
  S Los Verdes 3  
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