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Pater's Picks (shared, public)

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These are my favorite 25 caches, based on several criteria. The number in parentheses indicates my cache rating, the higher the number, the higher the rating.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCHBAM Multi-cache Athenaeum - MSU (Mississippi State, MS)
  (37) Although I've seen similar hides since then, this was my first exposure to this particular hide technique.  

GC90 Traditional Cache Bonita Lakes (Meridian, MS)
  (31) Mississippi's 1st cache and a good workout (if you come from the wrong direction like I did)  

GCHWE9 Traditional Cache Bulldog Dream (University, MS)
  (37) As much as it pains me to put an Ole Miss cache on my favorites list, this was one of my funnier adventures with a security guard looking straight at me in a rather suspicious position and not even caring.  

GCHNQB Traditional Cache Colonel Klink's Revenge (Hattiesburg, MS)
  (34)Although not mentally or physically demanding, this was a fun site in the middle of the woods, for likely a one-of-a-kind historical location.  

GCMXR5 Traditional Cache Cypress Break
  33 An excellent blending in with natural cover. One of those that's much easier spotted on the inside looking out.  

GCKH6R Traditional Cache Ghost Town (Bankston, MS)
  (30) A spot fairly close to my home I didn't know existed.  

GC38A9 Virtual Cache Ghost Town (Rodney, MS)
  (33) A spot I'd heard about but never visited. Caching let me know where it was.  

GCGEF5 Multi-cache Lowndes Loot (New Hope., MS)
  (34) A good workout for a fat fella. Since one stage was out of place, I had to do a little detective work to determine what was most likely there.  

GCFB6C Traditional Cache McComb Shops (McComb, MS)
  (33) Definitely the high point of a week of rather lackluster caches in SW Mississippi and Baton Rouge.  

GCHXB0 Unknown Cache Mission Impossible II (Mississippi State, MS)
  (32)A short-lived cache that had a lot of thought put into it.  

GCGATE Multi-cache Mississippi Coin Xchange (Olive Branch, MS)
  (38) This one had it all - a physical challenge, a mental challenge, and a unique hide style.  

GCHC2M Letterbox Hybrid Mississippi's 1st Letterbox Geocache (Mississippi State, MS)
  (37) An amusing adventure through a lot of the MSU campus.  

GC1737 Traditional Cache Old Fort (Grenada, MS)
  (35) One of my earliest finds, and the first where I learned the quickest route is usually not the easiest route!  

GCHZGD Traditional Cache Paved Paradise, Put Up a Parking Lot (Version 2) (Flowood, MS)
  (32) Leave it to Mauler to place an impossible to find cache in the wide open.  

GCEF3C Multi-cache Pearl River Binary (Madison, MS)
  (35) Original hides on both stages.  

GCR1A5 Unknown Cache Plant Pathology (Mississippi State, MS)
  (32)Unusual first stage technique and great container on second stage.  

GCG361 Traditional Cache Reservoir Dam (Ridgeland, MS)
  (34) Introduced muggles to geocaching, had a fun hike, crossed an alligator trail, and saw a good hide technique, all in one trip.  

GCD6CC Traditional Cache Rodney Road (Port Gibson, MS)
  (36) This was an interesting area for me. I found the place where the cache should have been, then found where the cache was, then returned it to where it should have been. Although the two spot were only about 20 feet apart, it proved quite a workout.  

GCWRA0 Traditional Cache Roosevelt IS Wet
  35 I'm not a fan of micros in the woods, but this one was a very clever use of something one wouldn't give a second glance to in it's particular locale.  

GC37AE Unknown Cache Secret Agent Man (Jackson, MS)
  (34) A really fun adventure that was killed by technological progress. I can see where the first stage was from my office window.  
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