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Baker's Dozen Challenge - LayDBugz (shared, public)

List Owner: LayDBugz

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The Challenge!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1P1PG Unknown Cache 50 In A Day
  DAY 3 - 3/16/12  

GC15PAA Unknown Cache A Baker's Dozen Challenge Cache
  Create a public bookmark called "Baker's Dozen Challenge - yourcachingname" which contains 14 cache names inside it. These caches are the multicache or puzzle cache that you found on each of those thirteen days of caching. (Of course, it will be the only cache found for your one-cache-on-a-day requirement!) Include in the comments field the date that the cache(s) were found and whether this was a 1-cache-day or a 2-cache-day or a 3-cache-day, etc. The 14th entry in this bookmark needs to be this Baker's Dozen Challenge cache itself. Retain this public Bookmark for 3 months after finding the final.  

GC1MKNE Unknown Cache Classical Dignity
  DAY 4 - 4/3/11  

GC236ZX Unknown Cache End of trail?
  DAY 9 - 4/15/12  

GC1N450 Multi-cache Fish On!
  DAY 6 - 2/2/12  

GCMRKH Unknown Cache Forrest Gump
  DAY 8 - 2/3/12  

GC30EHC Multi-cache Go for a BLOW
  DAY 5 - 7/14/12  

GC1MMK6 Unknown Cache Konichiwa
  DAY 1 - 3/15/12  

GC3C2YK Unknown Cache Memorial Wall
  DAY 2 - 4/6/12  

GC3DJP9 Multi-cache Missing Again!
  DAY 7 - 4/7/12  

GC252BG Unknown Cache Mouth of the Columbia
  DAY 13 - 1/6/12  

GCG5E5 Unknown Cache State Quarter
  DAY 11 - 7/8/12  

GC2VA7J Multi-cache Tweety Bird
  DAY 12 - 6/21/12  

GC1E1XG Unknown Cache Twin Cities Cemetery Series Final-Pioneer
  DAY 10 - 6/25/11  
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