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List Owner: Sir Robin

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Some I have found, some I just liked reading about.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCPXAJ Traditional Cache "Don't Let 'Em Get Your Goat"
  You would have to see this place at night.  

GCVT8B Unknown Cache 2 Quarts Low
  Great hide!  

GCPD86 Traditional Cache Archimedes
  Can't say why without spoiling.  

GCRN91 Traditional Cache Bamboozled
  Had to make this one a favorite since it was Sadies 100th but Jenny and I also really liked the town and cache. I hope to get back and float someday.  

GCQCKE Traditional Cache Batty
  Great container  

GC1C8KQ Traditional Cache beavers rule
  Had fun climbing in and out of the hole!  

GCT0VH Traditional Cache Bend in the Trail II
  Great place for a cache and we got to see some alligators up close and in the wild while walking to the cache.  

GCWPK2 Traditional Cache Biggs' Family Ole Swimming Hole
  I just liked this cache.  

GC8E7 Traditional Cache Cache Houdini
  I would love to place one like this myself.  

GCJJ3H Traditional Cache DNR #3 Hutchinson Creek
  The nudecacher  

GC16ZMC Traditional Cache Fairgrounds Fun
  Great way to hide a micro.  

GCQ0CQ Traditional Cache For Those Who Gave All
  Great job of placing a regular sized cache in a very heavy traffic area.  

GCN16W Unknown Cache Funk's Grove Rest Area Travel Bug Resort
  Great Hide!  

GCX12H Traditional Cache Funky Footbridge Cache
  Great micro, or is it a log only large container?  

  I like the idea for this cache.  

GC1CGN3 Traditional Cache Half Nuts Liar's Cache
  Great twist on a log only.  

GCKTF2 Traditional Cache Holy Wastewater! (She It?)
  Fake, but some cachers put some effort into funny stories.  

GCKGBM Traditional Cache Honey Hole of Hollister
  I never really found this cache but the logs (before someone got a bad attitude about it) were great and everyone was enjoying it.  

GC131WM Traditional Cache KCKlue - Caching Weapon: *gln's Laptop
  I liked the hide on this one, and I love series caches.  

GCKPRF Unknown Cache KCopoly Grand Cache
  Great series  
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