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*Texas Challenges (shared, public)

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Texas Challenges
ABI- Abilene; AUS- Austin; BCS- Bryan/College Station; BEA- Beaumont; CED- Cedar Creek; COL- Columbus; DFW- Dallas/Fort Worth; ELP- El Paso; GAI- Gainesville; GAL- Galveston; HOU- Houston; HUN- Huntsville; LUB- Lubbock; LUF- Lufkin; MCA- McAllen; MID- Midland; SAN- San Antonio; SMA- San Marcos; STE- Stephenville; WAC- Waco; WIF- Wichita Falls.
Updated: 06/03/2018 - 609 Active Challenges

169- Challenges signed and claimed
198- Challenges qualified for but need to sign log
226- Challenges yet to be completed
006- Challenges Owned
Updated: 05/09/2018

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC5KQDN Unknown Cache ABI- "Hysterical" Marker Challenge - BRONZE
  Find and sign logs of 15 Texas historical marker/HM caches.
2/1.5; Logged on: 01/25/2015

GC5KQEF Unknown Cache ABI- "Hysterical" Marker Challenge - GOLD
  Find and sign logs of 50 Texas historical marker/HM caches.
3.5/2.5; Logged on: 01/25/2015

GC5KQE5 Unknown Cache ABI- "Hysterical" Marker Challenge - SILVER
  Find and sign logs of 25 Texas historical marker/HM caches.
2.5/2; Logged on: 01/25/2015

GC3WTX8 Unknown Cache ABI- "One HUNDRED in One MONTH" Challenge
  Find 100 caches in one month.
3/2; Hidden : 09/15/2012

GC56QVK Unknown Cache ABI- All 4 Grids Challenge (West Texas Edition)
  Complete the following grids: Finds on all 366 Days, 81 Difficulty/Terrain, Jasmer Challenge and Finds of all 366 Placed Dates.
5/5; Hidden : 06/10/2014

GC3WX3H Unknown Cache ABI- Cee+Eye+Tee+Oh (CITO) Challenge
  Attend six (6) CITO events.
4/2; Hidden : 09/16/2012

GC437JA Unknown Cache ABI- Fishingkitty’s Lone Star State Challenge!
  Find and log 50 caches that have been published from September 2000 to December 2001 in Texas. Follow other rules listed on cache page.
5/5; Logged on: 02/19/2013

GC3WR4C Unknown Cache ABI- Love Cachers’ 366 Days Challenge
  Find a cache on all 366 days of the year.
5/5; Hidden : 09/14/2012

GC3VHA0 Unknown Cache ABI- LOVE`LOVE`LOVE Challenge
  Find 25 caches with Love listed somewhere in the name of the cache title.
4/2; Hidden : 08/27/2012

GC3WQT5 Unknown Cache ABI- Nothin’ But Numbers # Challenge
  Find 10 caches with cache names containing ONLY numbers, NO letters (Periods, Commas, slashes, and Pound Signs are allowed.)
3.5/3.5; Hidden : 09/14/2012

GC3W7WW Unknown Cache ABI- State Capital County Challenge
  You must get 1 cache per state capital county from 5 different states.
5/1.5; Logged on: 12/01/2012

GC4HPT6 Unknown Cache ABI- The Big Country County Challenge
  Find and log a cache in each of the following Texas Counties: Brown, Callahan, Coke, Coleman, Comanche, Eastland, Haskell, Jones, Nolan, Runnels, Shackelford, Stephens, Taylor, Throckmorton and Young.
4.5/2.5; Logged on: 08/07/2013

GC4J62N Unknown Cache ABI- The Sequel Challenge
  Find at least five caches in 10 different series.
4.5/2.5; Logged on: 08/14/2013

GC4W6X9 Unknown Cache AUS- 2014 ABC Challenge
  Find a cache for each letter of the Alphabet A-Z.
2/1.5; Qualified

GC3YNK9 Unknown Cache AUS- 250 Texas Cemetery Challenge
  You must find 250 caches in cemeteries in Texas. There must be something in the title or cache description that indicates it is a cemetery cache.
5/5; Qualified

GC4W4KG Unknown Cache AUS- 5 Not-so-easy Pieces Challenge
  Perform and meet 5 tasks:
1. Have at least 1 find in another country.
2. Have participated in at least 2 multi-state caches. (Example GC2RM0P )
3. Have claimed the Jasmer Challenge in at least 3 different cities.
4. Have done earthcaches in at least 4 different USA states.
5. Have earned at least 5 FTF's on a single day.

GC5GQVG Unknown Cache AUS- 500 Cemetery Finds Challenge
  Have 500 caches with cemetery in the title or description. Caches can be from any state. Must notify CO prior to claiming a Find.
5/1.5; Qualified?

GC5HKCX Unknown Cache AUS- 500 Texas Cemetery Challenge
  Find 500 caches in Texas cemeteries.
5/3.5; Qualified

GC7J619 Unknown Cache AUS- A Micro-sized Calendar Challenge
  You must find a micro-sized cache on each date in the year
4.5/1.5; 343/366 as of 06/14/2018

GC7MAE3 Unknown Cache AUS- A Multitude of Multis Challenge
  •Find 250 multi-caches
•5 of the 250 multi-caches must have at least 100 Favorite Points
3.5/1.5; 68/250 as of 04/07/2018
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