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My favorite caches (shared, public)

List Owner: radioscout

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The best caches that I have ever found

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCEDAF Traditional Cache "A3-NL-Caravaning" by Pawn2King
  One of the best motorway caches that I have ever found.
It is hidden at a very beautiful and muggle-free place.

GC1C2RA Traditional Cache "Klenkes 2008 - Mystic Mine"
  An old mine? But very small? A cache? But it looks man made.
Really mystic and an absolutely fantastic place.

GC17WVY Traditional Cache "Mölleböschel"
  A beautiful place with a stunning view.  

GC13THJ Multi-cache "Was kommt hinter der nächsten Ecke?"
  An absolutely great place.  

GC1AMVB Traditional Cache A44 - Pausencache West
  A motorway cache located in a forest some meters away from the parking lot. No disturbing muggles around, you can search for the cache and enjoy a relaxing rest at this very beautiful place.  

GC2J2DX Traditional Cache Advent im Kreis Heinsberg - 11Türchen Jingle Bells
  A wonderful hand crafted and very large cache container. Absolutely great.

GC2HQXF Traditional Cache Advent im Kreis Heinsberg - 14. Türchen
  One of the most beautiful night caches that I have ever found and a very large cache container.  

GC2YTR1 Traditional Cache Am roten Turm
  A very nice large cache hidden at a very beautiful and interesting abandoned industrial place that can be visited legally.  

GC15EAG Traditional Cache avondwandeling
  A very nice cache hidden at a beautiful and very interesting location.  

GC22B35 Traditional Cache Beaver Lodge (Biber Burg)
  A very nice cache at a beautiful place in a very nice forest and a very nice hike towards the cache location.  

GC200HD Traditional Cache Bernister
  A very nice cache hidden at a very nice vantage point.  

GC1CG1E Traditional Cache Brotpfad Hütte
  A very nice cache at the most beautiful cabin that I have ever seen.  

GC2V7Y6 Traditional Cache Bunkerbrocken an deftiger Landwehr
  A very nice large and well filled cache hidden at an interesting muggle-free place in a beautiful forest.  

GCGQBK Multi-cache Charmed
  A cache at a very beautiful beech tunnel.
An absolutely great place.

GC2FYQF Traditional Cache Crux 3b
  A cache hidden deep inside of a wonderful forest. You can enjoy a wonderful hike and no counting and calculating will will spoil your experience.  

GC1P3YK Traditional Cache Danger High Voltage
  Not a special location but if you would like to learn how a cache can be perfectly camouflaged you must search for this one.  

GC27CNZ Traditional Cache Das einsame Wäldchen
  A very beautiful little forest and a very nice large cache container.

GC2JJ24 Multi-cache Das Geschenkdepot des Weihnachtsmannes
  Again a wonderful christmas cache hidden by CX500 Suchmaschine. Absolutely great, one of the largest caches that I have ever found.

GC1QEV0 Traditional Cache De Grensmaas: huiver of geniet
  A surreal location. Almost like on a strange planet in outer space.  

GC1T36X Traditional Cache Der Blick in die Eifel und der Blick nach Köln
  A very beautiful place and a stunning view on a great landscape.
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