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This is a personal bookmark list of my favorite geocaches.

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GCJ1PA Traditional Cache Alexander Co Welcomes Geocaching
  This cache was pretty difficult for a fairly new cacher. It was also the first cache I performed field maintenance for.

The container had a great deal of water. I carried many items in my caching bag such as paper towels and a small container of alcohol.

I gave it an alcohol cleaning, removed most all of the trade items (they were water-logged), and checked the log. I added new trade items.

I have since adopted the cache.

GCC4A6 Unknown Cache Big Gun
  This is a favorite because to took me to a boy-hood favorite play spot! It is the old German cannon placed in downtown Hickory.  

GCJ9BK Traditional Cache Black Buffalo Micro Cache
  This is one of my favorites for two reasons.

First, it was probably the first bison tube micro hidden in Hickory. Second, you will have to read my find note!!!

GCKX2G Traditional Cache Box In The Woods
  Nice ammo box in an area that gives you a great view. Simple and nice.  

GCQ87R Traditional Cache Budget Auto Sales
  I like the "SlickRick" caches. I will not spoil it with details because it is still active, but it is WELL WORTH the hunt!

GCK6F6 Traditional Cache C4- THE HEAT IS ON
  This was a "hidden in plain sight" cache that was very difficult to find. FANTASTIC CAMO!

The cache was a plastic framed thermometer that had 4 magnets on the back and it was placed over 4 corresponding mount points on the wall. WOW!

GCQ0JA Traditional Cache Cache on the Corner
  This was my first FTF! It was a metal electrical outlet box mounted to a large metal object using magnets.

GC1279H Traditional Cache Call of the Wild - 1
  Another OMJ fun factories. His caches just produce FUN!

GC12817 Traditional Cache Call of the Wild - 2
  OMJ is just a genius! Caches don't have to be difficult to be JUST PLAIN FUN!

GC13XK7 Traditional Cache Captain's Cache
  Excellent urban camo job! A lot of time and effort went into this one and is a prime example of urban camo.  

GC1C588 Event Cache Catawba River Area Meet & Meat #4 (07/12/2008)
  Eswau and his wife host this event every year and it is a FANTASTIC event!

GCT4KC Traditional Cache COMMA Chameleon
  I searched for this cache with two other cachers. We looked EVERYWHERE!!!...Well almost!

I was the first to find it. When I did, I just sat on the nearby bench with a smile on my face. They could tell by my expression that I found it.

I enjoyed watching them look until they found it.

Camo was first-rate!

GCMKKT Traditional Cache Foxes Folly
  You always remember your first! This was a simple cache, but to a new cacher, I was amazed! A nice little hide just a couple miles form my home (at the time).  

GCKME1 Traditional Cache Gazebo Placebo
  This cache was placed in a very nice park. The camo job was just first rate.

This cache encompassed almost all aspects of a GOOD CACHE!

GCMK2X Traditional Cache Go The Distance
  This is the first of this type of cache I found. I was amazed at this one. Thanks for introducing me it. [Update: This was the first LPC (lamp post cache) that I found.]  

GCK83V Traditional Cache Gone Berserk
  The "cache master" just keeps hiding fun caches. Very nice camo.  

GCP8RF Traditional Cache Gracie the Great's Invisible Cache
  This cache incorporated great camo and was very hard to find.

It was a bison tube mounted in the end of a small tree limb. The bison tube end was then inserted into a knot hold in the tree. It just looked like a limb coming out of the tree!

GCMJNA Traditional Cache Green Park ... not
  This cache was hidden at my old elementary school...Green Park Elementary.

The camo was just great. It was an "Altoids" tin that had pine bark glued to the lid. It was then hidden in a knot hole just the right size.

GCKTDT Traditional Cache Gunpowder on Hurricane Hill
  This cache was a special cache. The hiding method was used very well and stumped me for a while!

It was placed at a nice location, too!

  This cache is hidden just off an old mountain road. The area is just fantastic. The cache and theme is just great.  
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