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Oldest cache of each type as far as I know. Types were invented a year in. Early owners could edit type, so determining first is uncertain.
May 7, 2001 Jeremy added cache types, forum thread (visit link)
Traditional, Multi-cache, Letterbox hybrid, Virtual, Unknown, Event.
Then A.P.E. caches (May 24, 2001) Webcams (Jan or Feb 2002) Locationless (April 2002), CITO events (April 2003), Earthcaches (January 2004), MEGA event (May 2006) GPS Maze (June 2007), Wherigo (January 2008) 10 Year Events, ONLY May 2010,
HQ cache ( icon from 2010) GCK25B - cache older
HQ Lost & Found event (July 2010) GC24GYW
HQ Block Party GC2FYVM (Aug 2011- 2015),
Lab Caches (Aug 2013) and
Giga Event (Aug 2014)
Geocaching Challenges rolled out for Block party 2011 (visit link) later removed all trace (visit link)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1XQT6 Lost and Found Event Cache "10 years of geocaching" Dronten! NL
  One of over 300 10Year! events from May 2010 see the HQ bookmark (visit link)  

GC3X684 Groundspeak Block Party 2013 FIRST LABS @ Geocaching Block Party
  this is the 3rd Block Party, I bookmarked it so I could add a link to the FIRST LAB CACHES, which were rolled out for this event
(visit link)
here are all the Block Party Events (visit link)

GC389 Event Cache Austin Geocachers Happy Hour (3/24/2001)
  this and some in GA, for the early meetings of the GA Geo Assocication are the earliest - the event type was applied to these caches retroactively  

GCE2F1 Cache In Trash Out Event Earth Day Cleanup at Raccoon Creek Park (4/26/2003)
  CITO dates from April, 2003, See Pinned topic on it here, (visit link)

A number of Earthday Clean up events were published for April 26, Earthday that year. After the publication of these events, Jeremy invented the new CITO type, and applied to it to those already published April Clean up events. (visit link)

The whole group of Clean up caches from April 2003 were first - I'm not going to bookmark them all.

GCHFT2 Earthcache Earthcache I - a simple geology tour of Wasp Head 01/10/2004
  the oldest Earthcache, Earthcache I GCHFT2, it was the first published.
some older caches had their type changed to Earthcache so you may find some with earlier publish dates

GCRRC6 Mega-Event Cache GeoWoodstock 4 27 May 2006
  mega event type applied retroactively, shortly after May 27, 2006, the Mega type for events with 500+ attendees was announced
(visit link)

GC13A70 GPS Adventures Exhibit GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit - Minnetrista 06/02/2007
  GPS Maze first  

GC21DF Webcam Cache Houston Webcam Cache #1 10/11/2001
  Here's a conversation about webcam caches in the forums from October 2001 (visit link)

several webcam caches are mentioned. This Houston cache being the oldest of that bunch. The type was created a bit later and applied retroactively.

The cache type must have happened in Jan or Feb 2002, see the forum posts below, in Jan 2002, it didn't yet exist, and by Feb 28 it did.

Moun10Bike Posted 04 January 2002 - 07:54 AM
I wouldn't mind seeing a webcam cache icon/type (discussed previously) as well as one for traveling caches.

Mr. Snazz_*Posted 28 February 2002 - 06:45 AM
there is also a cache type, the 'webcam cache'. (visit link)

GCA4B Project APE Cache Mission 1: Devil's Spoon
  the first of the A.P.E. caches  

GC38 Multi-cache Missouri's 2nd - Odessa Confluence 08/01/2000
  designed as off set multi
older GA multi started as traditional, was redesigned as multi in '03

GC70 Unknown Cache Octopus Garden 09/30/2000
  Cache was originally moving, and given the "new" Mystery type after May 2001. Seems to be the oldest surviving Unknown cache; although the cache in its current incarnation only dates from 2005.
This is an old listing, but not an old cache.

GC192 Letterbox Hybrid Open Space Letterbox 7A, 1/4 section corner 01/15/2001
  this probably isn't the first letterbox cross listed to, but it's the oldest active Letterbox hybrid in the US and the first cache in New Mexico, so what the heck ;-)
Some old forum threads reference as many as 15% of listings being cross listed letterboxes.

GC1C90 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Please Donate Blood Cache 09/12/01
converted to Locationless sometime after the type was invented in April 2002. see also * CANDLELIGHT VIGIL * GC1CB8 9/14/01

Forum thread announcing the locationless cache type April 24, 2002 (visit link)

GC4K089 Giga-Event Cache Project MUNICH2014 - Mia san Giga!
  first Giga event  

GC53 Virtual Cache Rift Valley 06/15/2000
  first cache submitted as virtual from the start

some caches were changed to virt when the box when missing

GCF Traditional Cache The Original Stash 05/03/2000
  first cache, traditional  

GC18FP7 Wherigo Cache Where I went, Hugo
  01/08/2008 link for forum thread announcing cache type - some beta testers had been working on this, so caches were ready at time of public announcement
(visit link)
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