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An ever-growing list of caches that are memorable to me for one reason or another.

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GC4R0WX Unknown Cache 2 Penguins Conniving
  An enjoyable puzzle from start to finish, with that added "where's the coordinates" moment at the end. Very well executed.  

GC3QQMM Unknown Cache Are you a REAL Geocacher?
  With smartphones and increasingly sophisticated GPS devices, it's easy to forget how simple the technology can be. This cache, with a stunning 88% favorite points, reminds me of what can be accomplished with the barest of implements. Adding to the enjoyment was the opportunity to meet the genial cache owner and to be welcomed into his home.  

GC6WKEA Unknown Cache Best.Puzzle.Ever.
  thanman2's puzzle are among the best out there - sadly, I'm only able to solve a small fraction of them. They're rich with cultural, historical, and literary references. Challenging and entertaining, once one has made one's way through to the end there is always a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. This is perhaps his best effort so far - at least the best for which he is able to take credit .  

GC2D56J Unknown Cache Cache Me If You Can
  The journey through this puzzle was both aggravating and exhilarating, and it is truly a shame that it has now been archived, as future puzzle aficionados will not have the thrill of seeing this one to completion. The final step was effectively impossible without the inscrutable insight of Chrysalides, as changes to the final resource have really put this out of reach of mere mortals.  

GC1K0CP Traditional Cache Can you find this
  This was one of the more difficult finds in our early geocaching lives. In many ways it was pivotal, because it taught us that camouflage can take many forms. This took a long time to find, but were rewarded with a find after one last search. Our experience with this one would eventually help us with future searches.  

GC19T66 Unknown Cache Carrational (KPC2008)
  This puzzle will likely be one of my all-time favorites. It taught me something new; I can't say anything more without giving too much away. This was a very satisfying solve for me; I wanted to bolt out the door to retrieve it at midnight.  

GC32DFE Traditional Cache Cartwright's Cache
  When I first discovered geocaching, I signed onto this site and chose the option to find geocaches nearest to my location. I was surprised to learn that there was one 65 feet away from my location. The next day, my kids (Dragonfruitsix and Whirlycrackercat) made our first find, which has set the stage for what I hope will be a enjoyable family activity for many days ahead. So, this cache is particularly special to me. We would eventually learn that this was hidden by a friend from outside the geocaching world, which makes this even more memorable.  

GCQ6E9 Unknown Cache Deferred Success
  I believe this was the first puzzle that I ever solved. However, when I made my first trip to GZ, I was unable to find the cache in what I assumed would be the most probable hiding spot. It wasn't there, and I began to doubt my solution, especially since there was no checksum or Certitude confirmation available. Several weeks later, with more experience, I returned to GZ and found the cache in seconds.  

GC2W0QP Unknown Cache Experiment : Inkblot Free-association
  Learned something new with this puzzle, and of course am flattered to see my name in the cache description. I couldn't solve this without a very explicit hint from Chrysalides. There's other puzzles that I think might use a similar encoding technique, but my attempts have turned up nothing yet.  

GC66DGZ Unknown Cache Little (Phlopper's) Alchemy
  This will stand as one of my all-time favorite puzzles. I'm proud to say that we did it the 5-star way.  

GC39XN2 Multi-cache Maize Manor
  This was our first multi-cache. This demonstrated to us that the hides can be quite clever, and taught us the meaning of "cache monkey".  

GC4R8DP Unknown Cache Ransom
  I loved this puzzle, and so did my kids. But what made this one significant for me is that I contacted the CO, Chrysalides, to make sure that my log was acceptable. Since then, we've been in occasional email contact, and getting to know him, even if just electronically, has made geocaching (and especially puzzle-solving) so much more pleasant.  

GC3N0KN Unknown Cache Signs of the Times
  Though I had solved a couple easier puzzles prior to tackling this one, for me this represents a "gateway" puzzle, in that it gave me that taste of success that has led to attempt even harder puzzles.  

GC1XWPC Unknown Cache Something for Everybody
  This was my 100th puzzle find, and a really great one at that. I struggled with it for a long time, but with a little nudge everything fell into place. It's a remarkable puzzle, solvable by anyone.  

GCMDF7 Unknown Cache The Black Hole
  When I first saw this puzzle, I was too early in my geocaching life to have any idea how to gain traction on it. Upon returning to it at the suggestion of thanman2, I discovered that I had learned just enough to get that first toehold, but after that it required a lot of hand-holding to make my way through this remarkable multi-step puzzle. This puzzle is likely just months away from permanent archiving, unfortunately.  

GCHC92 Unknown Cache The Sentence
  The Rat is a master of the written word, whether it's his books, his crossword puzzles, or his mystery caches. With the constraints necessary to create this puzzle, it's absolutely amazing that he is able to pen a naturally-flowing narrative and encode the coordinates within.  

GC2V74X Unknown Cache This cache is not located At the Posted...
  This puzzle was significant for two reasons: (1) I learned how clever - or is that evil? - some of these caches can be, and (2) shortly after solving and finding this, I started an email correspondence with The North Star, which has been both enjoyable and helpful, as he has given me some assistance on a few other puzzles (and probably many more to come).  

GC6CWKM Unknown Cache We Have The Best Word Pairs
  This is a straightforward but funny and timely puzzle. Each step towards the solution brought a smile to my face.  
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