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Florida "Solve at Your Desk" Puzzle Caches - FGA Southeast Region (shared, public)

List Owner: ePeterso2

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All of the caches on this bookmark list contain puzzles that can be solved at your desk without visiting the cache location.

The caches on this list are sorted by increasing difficulty as rated by each cache owner.

This list is a work in progress. If you see a cache listing that is not included in this list but should be (including archived caches), please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

There is a separate bookmark list for each FGA region to keep this list from becoming too unwieldy. Counties in this FGA region: Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC177Q5 Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC177Q5 - Are You Sick Of Puzzle Caches?
  by antimony13  

GC171FJ Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC171FJ - Red Sox Nation - South Florida Chapter
  by Red Otter  

GC1ABMR Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1ABMR - N.I.M.B.Y. #1- Not another Wallred's
  by CaneDNR  

GC1AY3M Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1AY3M - Peanut Gallery
  by TeamGumbo  

GC1CCQ3 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1CCQ3 - The Alternate Universe
  by CaneDNR  

GC1CCWY Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1CCWY - The Monkey's Puzzle?
  by CaneDNR  

GC1CCY5 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1CCY5 - Sonic Wave
  by CaneDNR  

GC1K88W Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1K88W - Puzzle Solving 101 for Dummies - FTF #24
  by JunglePete  

GC1KTV2 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1KTV2 - Fringe
  by Bonsai-weird-Rad  

GC1M8A1 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GC1M8A1 - Palindrome Dome
  by dudleydocker  

GCVTM6 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GCVTM6 - Veni, Vedi, Vechi
  by diveduo  

GC10619 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC10619 - Safety Zone #1
  by rnrgrl  

GC11XJE Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC11XJE - The Blind Squirrel's Acorn
  by Gator Man  

GC15QFE Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC15QFE - Small Town KIller
  by fishnfla  

GC15V8G Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC15V8G - Geezer Games #2: Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots
  by Green Eye  

GC18WM1 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC18WM1 - Movie Madness!!!
  by DirtyDave88 & Wife  

GC1978K Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1978K - Lost in Translation
  by Maxwell10  

GC1A00Q Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1A00Q - Halve and Halve
  by TeamGumbo  

GC1A64E Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1A64E - Lost in Translation Part Deux
  by Maxwell10  

GC1JNTK Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1JNTK - Puzzle of the Month Club - January
  by Red Otter  
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