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Lost Places (and ruins, bunkers,caves,...) *Found it* (shared, public)

List Owner: IronViking

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All the lost place caches that i found.
Please note that this is more a personal list and not all these locations are cool.
even bunkers and touristic ruins or on this list.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3NMXD Traditional Cache "ex-CampingCosmos"

GC1AZ00 Multi-cache "Fox Red"
  Awesome location!
some WWII bunkers. great view. Location is very remote, unlike some of the other more touristic D-Day bunkers. explore the remains on your own giving it a real lost place feeling

GC8E16H Traditional Cache #2 Rondje Dormaal
  the remains of a shelter nearby, not much of a lost place; see photo: (visit link)  

GC2TDZZ Multi-cache [Event dans le Laonnois n°3]Prédateur
  there is some sort of trailer with a chimney, totally in decade nearby  

GC2TDZV Traditional Cache [Event dans le Laonnois n°3]Troglodyte

GCQGDY Traditional Cache «Le Chemin de l'Enfer»
  abandoned railroad tunnel.
cach is inside the 666m long tunnel. bring a flashlight!

GC2Q4N2 Traditional Cache 11 11 11 - Disco Bunkers #13
  Bunker. you can not enter this bunker.  

GC13PGF Traditional Cache 13. Westwallcache "Grenzwachtbunker"
  bunker in de nabijheid van de westwall
je kan ook in de bunker, al is deze niet zo heel groot

GC6Z3TH Traditional Cache 1940 Geul-linie kazemat nuth
  very small bunker  

GC70AJY Traditional Cache 1940 verdediging tegen België 5
  cach is near a small bunker. you can not go inside  

GC2X6MV Unknown Cache '40-'45: Eindstrijd (bonuscache)

GC2WT56 Traditional Cache abandonned house
  this is not so much a house more like an abandoned waterpump but it is still a fun location  

GC2NZPG Multi-cache Alain Provist #25 Are you knots?
  go throug an abandonned/ flooded tunnel  

GC1VA1K Traditional Cache Amphitheater Pula
  touristic ruins of an amphitheater  

GC3E2N0 Traditional Cache Barbarathermen - Die Herren von der Brücke
  Touristic Ruins of Roman Thermen  

GC5V42A Traditional Cache Buggy Tradi 4: Lost place?
  a burned down house. the roof is gone and trees are starting to grow in the house. you can go inside.  

GC4D0W4 Traditional Cache Bunker 45
  Bunker cache.
It is possible to enter the bunker!

GC1TXG0 Traditional Cache Bunkercache
  a bunker. very remote/ partially destroyed.
has a bat colony inside

GC1JCAE Traditional Cache Burchtruïne Kolmont
  the cache is actually still far away from the ruins. i don't think you can go to the ruins itself  

GC364VE Traditional Cache Castel nuovo
  ruins of a castle  
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