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FTF List (shared, public)

List Owner: jshults (Rally Dude)

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My list of FTF's in the order found.

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GCT84D Traditional Cache FTF #0001, find #68 - ¿Que? (2/1/06)
  FTF #0001, find #68 - ¿Que? GCT84D (2/1/06)
My FIRST FTF.... My first FTF in fact.
Made a stop on the way TO work this morning.
Wow... That is a weird item...
Left two things, a little little toy car ti honor the fact
that some employee seems to have claimed this SPOT as his
private parking place. Left usual flat glass marble.

GCTBMC Traditional Cache FTF #0002, gnathouse (2/19/06)
  FTF #0002, gnathouse (2/19/06)
This was a much longer walk than I thought. My GPS map showed a road going further than it did in real life. Must be part of the trail was supposed to be a road.Made it up to "Stonehenge" and realized that there was a lot mote to go.

Climbing up to the top of the next hill, there were 2 big engraved rocks. Surf's Up! and a second one that said "San Clemente City flower Bougainvillea”. This is the BEST view along this hike. Great view of the coast and the hills. Wish I had a camera with my. (bring your camera and post a picture for me)

I didn’t see a single person until I got to the cache. Of course, just as I’m signing the log, along come some mountain bikers.

T: game of Life card and L: flatten marble.
Thanks for the great hike and views.

GCTET5 Traditional Cache FTF #0003 and find #101, Moonwalker (2/25/06)
  FTF #0003 and find #101, Moonwalker (2/25/06)
Late night (early morning) find at 1:15AM !!!
The listing is just fine the way it is written.
I might suggest that you park ABOVE the park as the way from the lower street seems more difficult.
L: Alaska Fridge Magnet
T: skateboard key ring (this sure looks familiar)

GCTKJK Traditional Cache FTF #0004 and find #110, Shady Canyon (2/27/06)
  FTF #0004 and find #110, Shady Canyon (2/27/06)
We went out just before lunch and JUST BEFORE THE RAIN.
It was a very nice walk to the cache site. I'll guess this
trail was here before Shady Canyon came along and they had
to leave it there and leave it public access. Found the
cache and was surprised no one had been here over the
weekend. Logged the FTF and started back to the parking
lot. Felt a few sprinkles and picked up the pace but the
last 200 feet, we had to run to beat the hard rain that
started to come down. Got to the truck without getting too
wet. Time to go get some nice warm food now...

GCTKPM Traditional Cache FTF #0005 and find #111, over the wall crew (2/28/06)
  FTF #0005 and find #111, over the wall crew (2/28/06)
First find in Huntington Beach area.
I have to say that this gets my vote for the most unusual
cache device so far. I took a picture but I'll NOT post it here. It took a while after finding it for the pepsi reference to click. AH, YES. Very creative cache and theme. I'll have to say there will be no flat tires here. I guess this was put here by someone that lives near and enjoys the beach. (You know, those beach people have different views of things and tend to be creative but a little off center).

Bad news was that the rains really killed the cache as it
was not rain resistant. I took the cache back to the truck
and performed repairs. Added ziplock for log and swag. Also
put a copy of the GeoCache Notice int he bag since I'd
suspect that this might get stumbled on more easily than
Thanks for the creative cache. Keep it up and welcome....

GCTZJJ Traditional Cache FTF #0006, No Slide, (3/22/06)
  FTF #0006, No Slide, (3/22/06)
Nice evening outing on the way to pick Square D Bree at school. It would be interesting to see the slides that
were taken out, must have been huge....
L: marble
T: red dragon
TFTC and the FTF....

GCTV76 Unknown Cache FTF #0007, Find #180, What to do (4/21/06)
  FTF #0007 and Find #180, What to do (4/21/06)
Found at 5:30PM
After meeting up with cache_in_pocket on the way to "Notes About Cliff", he asked if I'd found his latest HIDE (What to do). I had that planned as my second stop today.
I showed up and was hoping that the FTF'ers from Notes About Cliff had not been here yet. After a little looking and thinking, YEA !!! It's an FTF.
This was GREAT cache and will be added to my list of favorite caches.
Took the FTF prize and left the Pinewood Derby patch I got from Notes About Cliff.
TFT GREAT HIDE.... Thanks...

GCVX1C Traditional Cache FTF #0008, Find #199, Retaliation (5/10/06)
  FTF #0008 and Find #199, Retaliation (5/10/06)
I've thought about this cache but had not gotten time to assemble the parts.
Really nice cache.

GCWBM6 Traditional Cache FTF #0009, Find #220, Vistaview on 06/06/06 (666)
  FTF #0009, Find #220, Vistaview on 06/06/06 (666)
Nice day off of work. Couldn't believe that all the gates
were open. WOW...

GCVPJY Multi-cache FTF #0010, Find 221 - Family Night (6/8/06)
  FTF #0010 and find 221 - Family Night (6/8/06)
Went out on a misty night and ran into Pacholik climbing around the area with his weak flashlight. Sure have to say that BOTH caches in this listing were very unique and are definitely going on my Favorite Devices list.
Dropped a bug and took a bug. Left the usual FLAT marble too.

GCWXQ8 Traditional Cache FTF #0011, find 231, Beach Bum Quickie (7/3/06)
  FTF #0011, find 231, Beach Bum Quickie (7/3/06)
Found about 8:45pm, still stuck at 21 hides.

Wow I could not belive this was an FTF. We figured that with the holiday time, there would be plenty of people out enjoying the weather and the caches. Sure took a long time to find as all the people were leaving the beach and constantly coming through the area. Actually had to go get a flashlight in order to keep hunting.

There were a lot of places to look and it took a while since (like usual) the GPS was jumping all over, up by the street, over by the water, in the bushes and etc.

Even attempted a "phone a friend" to ask for a re-read of all the clues/info. But, no one was home...

Took a break, talked it over, and we said "one last try and we'll leave". SHAZAM !!! I knew I looked here before BUT I guess I must have been distracted or just plain BLIND.

TFT HUNT. SL and headed off to look for more...

GCX9AF Traditional Cache FTF #0012, find #295, Point Blank (7/22/06)
  FTF #0012, find #295, Point Blank (7/22/06)
Found at 10pm, after a long day in the moutains scouting for the Saddleback Short Haul tour, I just had to go out for one cache today. Left the usual Flat Marble and took the Frog.

GCXTB0 Traditional Cache FTF #0013, Find #315, Cache for REsale (8/22/06)
  FTF #0013, find #315, Cache for REsale (8/22/06)
Found at 5pm - 23 hides.

GCY38N Traditional Cache FTF #0014, Find 335, Bob: Sick or more Three (9/8/06)
  FTF #0014, Find 335, Bob: Sick or more Three (9/8/06)
Found at 10:45pm - 24 hides.

GCYHDA Traditional Cache FTF #0015, find 361, Beyond Wonderdome (9/27/06)
  FTF #0015, find 361, Beyond Wonderdome (9/27/06)
Made myself late for work again by driving AWAY from work just to visit a cache. At least it was rewarding to find no one else had done the same. It's nicer when they really ARE on the WAY to WORK.

Saw some other interesting THINGS in the area. I'll be
returning to check them out...

I liked the touch of adding the little stick to the LOG and
making it easy to handle. Saw this before. Should make the logs last longer.

TFTH and the FTF....

GCY38G Traditional Cache FTF #0016 - BoB: Take a Ride 'Under' the Atchison (10/27/06)
  FTF #0016 - BoB: Take a Ride 'Under' the Atchison (10/27/06)
There were no alarms and no stike force tonight. Just ESP.
After a nice long visit to Central Bark, it was time to get
lizard food and then head on home. Crickets and dog went on
into the house eat and be eaten. Other team members weren't
ready to eat and only wanted to take it easy. Something said, don't sit down, check your mail.... The feeling was right. Something JUST posted, one around the corner and another down the street the other direction. The bridge picture looks VERY familar and I'm going there without
needing the GPS. I was just there, humm.....

Really Really great cache and WOW FTF #16...

The Mission Impossible force must have been distracted by some other cache tonight... How did they over look this one.
Thanks very much and I'm off to the nursery....

GCZ728 Traditional Cache FTF #0017, Find 375 - Windrow Cache (11/04/06)
  FTF #0017, Find 375 - Windrow Cache (11/04/06)
After getting the late night "pick me up" call from the Kaleidoscope I stopped by the computer to see if there were any NEW caches that needed attention... There it was, NEVER FOUND and only just in Irvine... Off to the Kaleidoscope to find the waiting team member and then up the freeway to the cache... Missed the driveway the first time by but swung around and headed in... Searched and searched but nothing...
Other 2 team members started getting impatient... Went back to the truck to get a helpful tool... That was the trick... And even bettre, no one else had been here yet...
Thanks for the challenge....

GCZH9F Traditional Cache FTF #0018 - Gated Community (11/26/06)
  FTF #0018 - Gated Community (11/26/06)
Interesting story here... Remote Control died last night in mid-CLICK.

I grabbed the GPS to enter the new cache and DARN, it's DEAD. Never replaced the batteries the other day after the tunnel outing. Searching and searching, no spares. FRACK !

MacGeiver MODE: Did the new remote come with batteries, it must have. YES !!! Take out their 2 new ones and replace 2 of the tired ones. Yes, it works, at least for now.

Back to the same parking place I had before and the search was on. GPS is little jumpy, maybe the batteries are not going to last... Keep searching and searching... Humm...
This is a CIP hide and it's not going to the same as others.
CIP tried to make it new each time. Almost ready to give up but something caught my eye. YES that's it, WOW another new
hide and even beter, it's FTF #18...

TFTC and the chance to trade my remote for a gps...

GCZJTT Traditional Cache FTF #0019, Find 430 - Skellington, BoB: (11/27/06)
  FTF #0019, Find 430 - Skellington, BoB: (11/27/06)
Got home late after work, I hate catching up after a holiday or vacation time, the work piles up and time is short. Here's the narrative that came next… READ ON....

GCZJZP Traditional Cache FTF #0020, Find 443 - Fond of Fondue (12/01/06)
  FTF #0020, Find 443 - Fond of Fondue (12/01/06)
Arrived to find the place PACKED with cars. Dinner time was a bad time to show up. Valet want me to leave him the keys but I played the "making a delivery card" and parking in a loading zone spot.

After going back for my flashlight, I met up with nonaeroterraqueous. As we talked, we continued to hunt. We dug and scrathed, stopped and thought, crawled around in the dirt some more... Then came the magic moment...

This was a GREAT location for the cache and it is a great restuarant to visit.
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