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Best Caches in the San Francisco Bay Area (shared, public)

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Personal favorites and caches I think EVERYONE should look for due to great camo, originality, location, or that X-Factor.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3D6Y3 Traditional Cache A Pirates BooTY !!!!!
  Cool hike, great views, and a fun and whimsical container that's also a large.  

GCXCHY Traditional Cache Bayfront Revenge

GC15XK4 Traditional Cache California Gold TB Hotel
  Super cool. Ladies who work there help you when they realize you're geocaching. There's free coffee and a great museum (donation only, but they deserve it)  

GCX076 Traditional Cache China Beach
  Awesome hide. check for yourself  

GCGH5J Letterbox Hybrid Columba
  INCREDIBLE location and letterbox. Hands down, this is on TOP of my favorite list, if not the absolute favorite cache in San Francisco!!  

GC4B6C3 Traditional Cache Comics & Comix
  Toot my own horn here, but I am proud of this one and it's popularity.  

GC28WCD Traditional Cache Heritage Park Observation Deck
  Very clever cammo is why this is on the list, but unfortunately, this is always getting muggled. Someone in the neighborhood (most likely dumb kids) knows about this and keeps messing with it. If you can get there when it's active and in good shape, you'll have a kick discovering it.  

GC43W2C Traditional Cache I Haight Bacon!
  Awesome camo and container... and there's a pig. come on!  

GC25MB7 Traditional Cache Mind Your Manor, Victoria
  Very clever. I had a similar idea when I first started caching, but didn't know how to make it work. Finding Bill nailed it, and created such great camo, moreso than I ever could have thought up.  

GC63B1 Multi-cache NOT The Yankee Clipper
  Incredible multi that will take you to some spots you never thought you'd be able to hide a cache. Plus you get to see someone famous. I absolutely loved this one.  

GC2XNPA Unknown Cache Scrambled Jape Eggs
  Awesome location for the first part of the multi. Final cache is ok, but it's all about the first leg for me.  

GC116Z9 Traditional Cache Serenity
  It brings you to the top of Mt Davidson. That alone is worth the cache

GC2XKR6 Traditional Cache The Harp
  You get to see this giant wind harp up close. You'd never know it even existed!  

GC41EQW Traditional Cache The real challenge is getting it open!
  Fun puzzlebox once you find the cache  

GC20THE Traditional Cache The Red Dot
  The climb makes this one a must see, but maybe not a must DO  

GC4CMJD Multi-cache Twist-A-Cache
  Toot my own horn here, but I am proud of this one. A lot of work went into creating and setting this up, and I think there are no other caches like it in the nearby areas of the Bay (I'd love to find another one like this if there is).  

GC37PZ7 Traditional Cache WarNinjas TIRED of geocaching
  Fun hike along the trail and rocks and when you find GZ, it's all worth it.  

GC419X7 Traditional Cache Wild Parrot of San Bruno Mountain
  Fun fun hike up a crazy hill you'd never think you can get to. High winds and some peril make it more fun. It's been archived however.  
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