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Southern California Large Cache Series (shared, public)

List Owner: KG6EAR

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Cache series of 15 or more caches that could take a day or longer for an average cacher to complete.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC28XMF Traditional Cache 30 YEARS OF PACMAN
  Celebrating 30 years as the true birth of the arcade game, PacMan makes a comeback.. this time, on the map!  

GC24C8W Unknown Cache Groundspeak Series: 42 caches
  Series name: Groundspeak Series
Location: San Bernardino County, north-east of Apple Valley & Victorville
Configuration: Caches in a giant geocaching symbol on the map.
Owner(s): BigDaddyGRC and Scrabble Dogs
Total # of caches: 40 in the geocaching symbol plus, 1 final cache and the "lookout" cache which overlooks the whole series...
Date hidden: 2/20/2010

GC26RJQ Unknown Cache SoCal Mega-Triangle Series: 34 caches
  Series name: SoCal Mega-Triangle Series
Location: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.
Configuration: Caches in a giant triangle shape spanning 4 counties...
Owner: HDGC (5150Joker & KG6EAR)
Total # of caches: 33 in triangle plus one final in its heart.
Date hidden: April 13, 2010

GC1KG4W Unknown Cache The CLUE series: 55 caches
  Series name: Get a CLUE
Location: East of Lancaster, CA. North of Highway 18.
Configuration: Caches spell CLUE on the map.
Owner: Rallye
Total # of caches: 54 in the CLUE, and 1 final cache...
Date hidden: 1/4/2009

GC1M5FC Unknown Cache The Heartburn Series: 29 caches
  Series name: The Heartburn Series
Location: Riverside County, west of Palm Springs, CA
Configuration: Caches in a giant heart with arrow shape on the map.
Owner(s): K.N.O.C.K.
Total # of caches: 22 traditional caches (heart) + 7 puzzle caches (arrow)
Date hidden: 01/27/2009

GC1JERK Unknown Cache The Smiley Series: 25 caches
  Series name: The Smiley Series
Location: San Bernardino County, north-end of Apple Valley, CA
Configuration: Caches in a giant smile-shape on the map.
Owner(s): BigDaddyGRC, Rhino, Mr.G & DogWillHunt
Total # of caches: 25 in the smile plus 1 final cache outside of it.
Date hidden: 11/26/2008
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