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My favorites or "This is geocaching!" (shared, public)

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The best caches I've done so far. Caches with great (lost) places, camouflages, riddles or especially ideas...

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2WWNN Unknown Cache "Drunter" - Hardcore
  A technical T5 and a cool task.  

GC2F2V3 Unknown Cache (1EF) Groupe Mario : Les têtes brulées
  This time Mario has found a secret entrance to a bunker. Awesome adventure!  

GC2F6AB Unknown Cache (1EF) Groupe Mario : Thionville brule t-il ?
  Another dangerous mission at a unique location for Mario and his team. Awesome!  

GC3J7AA Unknown Cache (2EF) L'atelier du genie **bonus**
  Nice adventure!  

GC3J79T Unknown Cache (2EF) Le sapeur ( lock-pick )
  Cool place, interesting task, T5 - perfect!  

GC2Q30Y Unknown Cache (ESPB) Le chemin des sangliers @ night
  Very interesting and rare type of bunker. A great adventure! Awesome  

GC8K8XP Multi-cache * S I M S A L A B I M *
  A really nice escape-room-multi.  

GC1TKQQ Traditional Cache sieben Siegeln - Tradi Banane
  A really cool container.  

GC36PBA Multi-cache [CHIPS'11] Diamonds
  Great location! But dangerous...  

GCQZJ3 Traditional Cache «La Porte de l'Enfer»
  The legendary sister cache of "Le chemin de l'Enfer".  

GCQGDY Traditional Cache «Le Chemin de l'Enfer»
  Great lost place. Similar to Der Geisterzug (GCZ33C).  

GC1AGHB Unknown Cache 24
  Unique experience. Probably the most elaborate, complex and challenging cache I've ever done!  

GC1VZZ0 Traditional Cache Abandon ship
  Wow, great adventure but the ship is gone forever. LTF...  

GC6MA5F Multi-cache Agent Triple Zero
  A wonderful family multi.  

GC2586K Multi-cache Alberich der Zwergenkönig
  The matching multi to Geist des Hagen (GC11JM6).  

GCYZ39 Multi-cache Alcatraz
  Legendary! A unique location!  

GC6HH0B Letterbox Hybrid BFT - Bodensee-Fahrradtour - AUF DIE 100!
  A wonderful 200km-100-stages-bike-cache around the Bodensee.  

GC2Y5V7 Multi-cache bike and look
  A good bike cache on a beautiful track.  

GC2AJQ3 Traditional Cache Black Red Darkness
  Cool cache on a very impressive site. Good combination with Operation: 21.06.10 "Lab" (GC2AJQ2).  

GC46PT3 Unknown Cache Black Widow
  Beautiful LP and a creepy story.  
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