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Florida "Solve at Your Desk" Puzzle Caches - FGA Central Region (shared, public)

List Owner: ePeterso2

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All of the caches on this bookmark list contain puzzles that can be solved at your desk without visiting the cache location.

The caches on this list are sorted by increasing difficulty as rated by each cache owner.

This list is a work in progress. If you see a cache listing that is not included in this list but should be (including archived caches), please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

There is a separate bookmark list for each FGA region to keep this list from becoming too unwieldy. Counties in this FGA region: Lake, Seminole, Orange, and Osceola

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC14KZK Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC14KZK - Cool Tunes: The Early 80's
  by Team HP  

GC17DJA Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC17DJA - Vertically Challenged
  by Team HP  

GCGJEQ Unknown Cache 1.0 - GCGJEQ - Musical Micro
  by hiddenrock  

GCQ8F7 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GCQ8F7 - Don't talk with your mouth full!
  by TeamGeoduck  

GC10DDN Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC10DDN - Cheers by H2O
  by sailor_dave and BikerBoy3  

GC11EJQ Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC11EJQ - Oh Brother
  by Chelle326  

GC15XKH Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC15XKH - Jackie's Cash
  by hiddenrock  

GC162TB Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC162TB - Disney Trivia West
  by Pirateseekers  

GC18EEA Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC18EEA - BHWA-08-G-001
  by Citrus2045  

GC198A3 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC198A3 - Florida History
  by PhotoE and RocketArmA  

GC1GD83 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1GD83 - Some Days R A Waste
  by Cache Hunter Enjoying Finds (CHEF)  

GC1H2RZ Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1H2RZ - Sweetwater Cove Lake Watershed
  by Sopchoppy Sam  

GCH596 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCH596 - 79 Cipher
  by TheNomad  

GCHGFV Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCHGFV - Under Pine Cones
  by hiddenrock  

GCKQA9 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCKQA9 - Kestrel Trap
  by hiddenrock  

GCQNX9 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCQNX9 - Tribe Ostinato
  by TheNomad  

GCVE71 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCVE71 - Xenon oxygen fluorine titanium
  by TheNomad  

GCWXJR Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCWXJR - Girls Girls Girls
  by Team HP  

GC15945 Unknown Cache 2.5 - GC15945 - Don't Skirt By This One
  by Team Toshas  

GC15B99 Unknown Cache 2.5 - GC15B99 - Greenwood Lakes Park
  by Jackie and Bob  
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