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OLDEST STATE GEOCACHES (updated 9-08-2020) (shared, public)

List Owner: BackpacknJack

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A list of the Oldest Still Active Geocaches in each State. (Data compilation accurate as of 9-08-2020) Alphabetical order by State. Made this to honor the pioneers of our sport. Please remember when viewing this list that most old caches, the ones that have outlasted all others are not in a city, so the city/town/areas listed here are maybe just a proximity I've used to give you some ideal of were they are located and more detail can be found using the google map on the cache page. Also these cache owners were pioneers (on their on) when determining an accurate Diff and Terr ratings. If I know the listed rating is way off by today's standards I may have placed a note. PS. I don't guarantee the accuracy of this compilation because caches are quickly archived and just as quickly resurrected, I've just done my best to make it up-to-date and I hope it helps showcase the pioneers and gives you a starting point. BackpacknJack@yahoo.

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GC126 Traditional Cache Alabama = "Trussville Civitan - Alabama's First Cache"
  [GC126] Location= Trussville & Birmingham, AL. Diff/ 3.5 Terr/ 2 (Found= 1,727, DNF= 32, Notes= 119) [*I've FOUND IT*]  

GC68 Traditional Cache Alaska = "Centurion Guards" [GC68]
  Location= Blue Lake area on Baranof Island Diff/ 2 Terr/ 2 (Found= 108, DNF=10, Notes=26) NOTE: The road work near the cache has been completed so you do not need a guide to help get you around the bottom of the lake .[b/]  

GC57 Traditional Cache Arizona = "Geocache" [GC57]
  Location= open desert between Apache Junction - Saguaro Lake Diff/ 2 Terr/ 1.5 (Found= 1,523, DNF= 6, Note= 171) Note: The gate is about 7 Hwy miles from the junction of "Red Mountain Fwy [202]" and "N Power RD" aka "N Bush Hwy" in Mesa, AZ. You need to get a [Bull Dog Canyon Off Highway] permit with the combo to open the gate (there IS an online form) to drive through the gate and cut your desert hike down to .5mi each way. [*I've FOUND IT*]  

GC1B Traditional Cache Arkansas = "Gorilla Stash" [GC1B]
  Location= Mountain Home, AR Diff/ 1 Terr/ 1 (Found= 2,095, DNF= 3, Notes= 133) [*I've FOUND IT*]  

GC5B Traditional Cache California = "Phil's Memorial Cache" (Oldest CA. Cache)
  Location= Big Laguna Lake (Southern Cal.) North East of Pine Valley, CA and you need a forest parking permit. Diff/ 3 Terr/ 3 (Found= 1,134, DNF= 7, Notes= 122 You can start from other locations but maybe best to start at mile marker 19. Easiest path is to the right and harder more scenic to the left. [*I've FOUND IT*]  

GC18 Traditional Cache Colorado = "Tarryall" [GC18]
  Location= About 50 miles NW of Colorado Springs (Hwy 24 then Tarryall RD North Diff/ 2 Terr/ 3 (Found= 2,601, DNF= 8, Notes= 180) [*I've FOUND IT*]  

GCE4 Traditional Cache Connecticut = "Another Brick in the Wall" [GCE4]
  Location= Stamford - New Canaan - near N. Stamford Reservoir Diff/ 2 Terr/2 (Found= 1,813, DNF= 7, Notes= 88)  

GC10A Traditional Cache Delaware = "delAWare 7 {1}" [GC10A]
  Location= Trap Pond State Park - Laurel - Millsboro Diff/ 1.5 Terr/ 2 (Found= 1,302, DNF= 14, Notes= 76)  

GCDE1 Virtual Cache District of Columbia = "Capitol View" [GCDE1]
  *Virtual* Location= Constitution AVE - Independence AVE Diff/ 1 Terr/ 1 (Found= 10,197, DNF= 2, Notes= 124 )  

GCFA Traditional Cache Florida = "Christmas Cache" [GCFA]
  Location= Collier-Seminole State Park - Hwy 41 - Old Marco Junction - Carnestown Diff/2 Terr/ 2 (Found=1,192, DNF=18, Notes= 213) Note: The park has a new trail now that bypasses the Eagle nesting area so they don't have to close the trail to the cache anymore. Year round access now but please remember to check-in at the ranger station.  

GC1D Traditional Cache Georgia = "Beaver Cache" [GC1D]
  Location= Grayson - NE of Atlanta & Stone Mountain Diff/ 1 Terr/ 1.5 (Found= 3,169, DNF= 3, Notes= 205 ) Daylight hours only and Please read the parking and cache approach instructions on the cache page or you may be trespassing. [*I'VE FOUND IT*]  

GC23 Traditional Cache Hawaii = "Geocache" [GC23]
  Location = Keaiwa Heiau State Park Diff/2 Terr/ 2.5 (Found=1,762, DNF= 30, Notes= 216) Shortest and safest way is to start near the restrooms/showers. [*I'VE FOUND IT*]  

GC25 Traditional Cache Idaho = "Camels Prairie Stash" [GC25]
  Location= panhandle near Priest Lake SW of Bonners Ferry, Diff/ 2 Terr/ 3 *Read the logs before attempting this one, there are reasons it has only been logged 167 times*, (Found= 455, DNF= 2, Notes= 60 )  

GC28 Traditional Cache Illinois = "Beverly" [GC28]
  Location= Dundee - NW of Chicago Diff/ 2 Terr/ 2 (Found= 3,736, DNF= 12, Notes= 381 ) [*I'VE FOUND IT*]  

GC93 Traditional Cache Indiana = "Indiana’s First" [GC93]
  Location= Elkhart Diff/ 2 Terr/ 3.5 (Found= 2,886, DNF= 16, Notes= 81)  

GC162 Traditional Cache Iowa = "Maltese Goldfinch (Re-resurrected)" [GC162]
  Location= Backbone State Park - Manchester, Diff/ 3 Terr/ 3.5, (Found= 894, DNF= 23, Notes= 52 ) [*I'VE FOUND IT*]  

GC30 Traditional Cache Kansas = "Mingo" [GC30]
  Location = Mingo - Colby, Kansas, Diff/ 1 Terr/ 1 (Found=7,757, DNF=9, Notes=1,582 *Mingo is the oldest active geocache on the planet.* [*I've FOUND IT*]  

GC39E Traditional Cache Kentucky= "Tom Sawyer" [GC39E]
  Location= Meadow Vale, Diff. 1.5 Terr 1.5 (Found= 2,512, DNF= 26, Notes= 111) [*I've FOUND IT*]  

GC763 Traditional Cache Louisiana= "Wild Azalea Cache" [GC763]
  Location= Kincaid Reservoir - SW. of Alexandria, Diff. 3.5/Terr 3 (Found= 498 , DNF= 4, Notes= 52) [*I'VE FOUND IT*]  

GC128 Traditional Cache Maine = "The Fort Williams Cache" [GC128
  Location = South Portland, Diff. 1 Terr. 1.5 (Found= 3,959, DNF= 50, Notes= 233)  
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