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Extreme Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: TOMTEC

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These caches present an extreme challenge in reaching the cache location. Specialized equipment is almost mandatory, and a 5/5 Terrain rating is expected...

These are the caches everyone dreams about finding!
Good luck!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCDFB Traditional Cache 4.5lb Walleye
  Almost 80km up the river from Fort Albany, Ontario
Once you fly to Fort Albany and convince someone to pilot you up the river, you're in for quite the trip! Alternately, you could Start up river a few hundred km and go with the flow to the cache... prepare for a 3 week trip!

GC5803 Traditional Cache As North As It Gets!
  Why not visit Alert, NWT for a little Geocaching Milestone?  

GC2B27 Traditional Cache Bushwacker
  NE of Madoc, Ontario, near Lingham Lake
30km round trip to trailhead. After a short 8km drive down a 4x4 road, and visiting GCGQHP - Lingham, take the ATV trail to the left and head for the cache... you can't miss it! he he, yeah. This one was FUN!

GCP7JV Traditional Cache Chomolangma
  Mount Everest, Iibet, China
Who's up for a quick climb to the top of the world?

GCHVV2 Traditional Cache Deathwish?
  Härryda, Sweeden
Micro Cache hidden on the support beam of a highway bridge. Access is straight forward if you are not afraid of heights, or falling!

GCPXKK Traditional Cache End of The World
  Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada, at NASA/CSA research camp near 20km Haughton impact crater.  

GCKCVF Traditional Cache Ghost Cabin at Loon Haunt
  Fly-in fishing outpost 65 miles NE of Red Lake, Ontario
Fly-in you say? This may take a while to arrange... but I'll be watching!

GC1259 Traditional Cache Kougarok
  Remote Alaska, Not Found Yet - Tied for Oldest Unfound Cache  

GCTA5E Unknown Cache Psycho Urban Cache #9 - Hot Glowing Tribulations
  Final stage requires entry and decent into a "Hot Zone". Radiation and particulate protection is required.  

GCHRVB Unknown Cache Quantum Leap
  Houston, Texas, USA
Once you find the Dead Drop and visit the Bunker, who knows where your adventure will take you!

GCG822 Traditional Cache Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents
  Hydrothermal Vent at the sea floor 2300 meters down in the Atlantic Ocean  

GCJZG5 Traditional Cache Spooky Canyon
  Day hike up the Spooky Canyaon. Be prepared to deal with poisonous snakes, flash flooding and other hazards.
Mammoth, Arizona, USA

GC16R4B Traditional Cache The Leap
  This is a cache that is extremely difficult to get to, and then once in the area, the cacher must leap over a deep crevice to reach the cache box. Thus far, it's been a lonely destination. Flagstaff, AZ  

GCGGGV Traditional Cache They Would Have Loved It
  South side of lake Monroe, Ontario
Float Plane eh? I'll have to work on that one...

GCKA1T Unknown Cache Walddusche
  Germany (town of Gleisweiler) - Waterfall (Shower)  

GC8716 Virtual Cache Wherever I May Gnome
  Saganaga Lake, Canadian Side
Remote wilderness. Border crossing permit required!

GCG1K6 Unknown Cache Woody's Windy Wanderings
  Near Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario
Ride the Algoma RR to mile 122 1/2
With the exception of GO Caches... this is the only one I know of that requires you to TAKE the train! I'd love to come for a visit.
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