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Caches Excluded from Souvenirs and Statistics (shared, public)

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Traveling caches and other special cases that should be ignored when awarding souvenirs or determining distance-related statistics.

LOCATIONLESS CACHES are not included in this list as they are already excluded as a class.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC95BF Traditional Cache "Parker" The Traveler
  Traveling cache  

GC78F3 Virtual Cache "Virtual I" in Eindhoven

GCQZ4M Virtual Cache "Virtual-II" op Platteland (Dank aan Cairnteam)

GC4FD3 Unknown Cache “The Parasite Spawn” – Spawn #1(IS Hosted)
  Traveling cache  

GC4FD4 Unknown Cache “The Parasite Spawn” – Spawn #2(Is Hosted)
  Traveling cache  

GC4FD5 Unknown Cache “The Parasite Spawn” – Spawn #3.3(HOSTED)
  Traveling cache  

GC4241 Traditional Cache 50 State Traveler
  Traveling cache  

GCD870 Unknown Cache 50 States
  Traveling cache  

GC8D14 Cache In Trash Out Event 8th Anniversary of CITO in MN (available ANY day) (09/01/2002)
  Traveling CITO cache  

GCCD54 Unknown Cache ABC's (Currently HIDING)
  Traveling cache  

GCE152 Unknown Cache Adirondack Traveler
  Traveling cache  

GC55A5 Traditional Cache Änglamarken
  Traveling cache  

GC4DWYY Unknown Cache Antípodas Tucumanas
  Antipodal cache  

GCV3CA Unknown Cache Apollo Fir?
  Guidelines breaker; no cache in place.  

GC1MC5R Unknown Cache Aracnofobia. Hazlo desde cualquier punto de España

GC105D Unknown Cache ATL... MARS ROVER 2 (Cache is now IN TRANSIT!)
  Traveling cache  

GC2179 Multi-cache Bernie's Traveling GeoCache
  Traveling cache  

GC73B7 Unknown Cache Bertje
  Traveling cache  

GC43F3 Virtual Cache Brass Cap Cache - Stonehenge
  Locationless cache masquerading as a virtual  

GC7572 Traditional Cache Brogan's Caching Karma Stick.
  Traveling cache  
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