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Alaskan Adventure Caches (shared, public)

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When I first started caching I went through and printed up all the caches that had a four or five star terrain rating around anchorage. These are the caches that appealed to me. I decided to make a list of caches around alaska that are adventure based...For those days cachers are feeling a little saucy. I am primarily focused on Anchorage Area Caches because I am most familiar with them. Some are very difficult, some are not. Good luck and be safe!

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GCNJC3 Traditional Cache acacherophobia
  Perhaps the most teasing adventure cache around because it is so accessable, but so inaccessable. It isn't likely that it will see many finds...but i have an offer out on the table to take anybody that wants to try it. Your first rappell is a memorable experience!  

GCQG7H Traditional Cache All Of Anchorage
  Great peak...probably would have ended up in my summit series. Good thing i didn't have to climb up there and hide something...No i have to go find it! Great spot for Moose watching in the fall. Also look for the plane wreckage.  

GCX3F3 Traditional Cache Barrel of Monkeys
  Beautiful summit cache in the Mat-Su valley on the summit of Matanuska Peak. A great trail leads you to the summit ridge. A race goes up here annually. One of the highest in the state!  

GCXCYG Traditional Cache Bear Mountain Summit Cache
  Well well well, i think ridgeseeker has stock in exxon because he sure does make me travel...This is a great mountain with spectacular views! Who will be the first to find this gem of a cache?  

GC15A9C Traditional Cache Bomber Cache
  Amazing area...beautiful hike. Take the reed lakes trail and head north over the pass from upper reed lake. This cache is sure to be seldom visited. However, it is an amazing area. If you have any desire to drift to an adventure cache in Alaska, this is the one to do!  

GCD9A Traditional Cache Boulder Field
  it is sad that this cache has seen as few visitors as it has. Only three in the past two summers. Unfortunately, i am part of the problem as i havn't gotten to it yet. I love the area--last year the fireweed cachers saw two wolverenes near the cache. They didn't end up finding the cache, but they will always remember the wolverenes.  

GCJP8X Unknown Cache Calf Burner
  i havn't completed this cache yet...but i have got two of the three elements in place. Great views from all areas that you are taken to. Near the top of my to do list.  

GCAEF0 Traditional Cache Cloud Catcher
  This cache doesn't involve wilderness travel, but it is in a spot where if you choose the wrong route, it becomes an adventure. I had a great time climbing on the rocky outcroppings on my approach. One of my favorite all time caching experiences!  

GC1NJT5 Traditional Cache Dammed Cache
  This cache is another opportunity to break out the crampons and enjoy some alaskan ice...or a nice tough walk down into a deep ravine...winter is definately the season to come here. Good Alaska history here as well as an interesting place to visit. It is a short adventure but a good one!  

GC1EC9K Traditional Cache Delta River Portage
  A long ski or a canoe trip down the delta river make this a top of the line adventure cache...It is a modern brother to the denali fault cache that is still unfound.  

GC1APFM Unknown Cache Disoriented
  Adventure in town...try navigating using a map and compass through Bicentennial park.  

GCK448 Traditional Cache Escape from the Klingon Ice Prison
  Great cache in an amazingly beautiful part of the valley. Jump on your fourwheeler and enjoy a wild corner of our beautiful state! I hope to hit this one this winter...conditions have to cooperate.  

GCV0Z6 Traditional Cache Godwin Glacier Overlook
  Great one ridgeseeker! This cache is accessable by most relatively fit folks in the summer. Grab mount alice hopscotch on the way! Watch for goats. This cache is in my top three ever!  

GCR84D Traditional Cache Got your Goat?
  Another of my caches that i will put on the list, although, it really isn't as difficult as some adventure caches. It does involve some glacier travel, making it worthy. Hopefully the avalanches didn't remove it this winter...  

GC12QHN Traditional Cache Hakuna Cantata
  Classic Chugach adventure...bring a helmet as there is a lot of loose scree. The top of the climb is a little exposed but it is not nearly as bad as it looks from the ridge. Access is from Hiland road up the South Fork Trail. Camp at the lake and make a weekend of it!  

GCPRF8 Traditional Cache Harp Mountain Slog
  This sits on top of Harp mountain near Eagle River. There are a couple ways to access this peak, the easiest being off of Highland Road. Drive to the end and park near the trail. However, don't block the Fire Lane, they will tow you. Parking at the end of highland technically crosses private property, but it is a regularly used route by the locals. Just mind your manners and park responsibly and there won't be any problems.  

GCQ8Y9 Traditional Cache Headwinds Cache
  Ahhh, this is one of my dream caches. I will someday get there. I havn't figured out the logistics of paddling from Seward to Whittier, but i believe it is outside the scope of my sea kayaking abilities. The caches in this series are among the "crown jewels" of alaska adventure caching. The adventure coins placed in each make it that much more tempting...  

GCJMQC Traditional Cache It's Up Here!
  Almost 2000 feet of elevation gain in a beautiful area makes this cache worthy of the adventure cache list. Get out there and get it!  

GCJ3WC Traditional Cache Ivan's Eye
  any time you have the word seiner in the cache description, it will probably be an adventure. Good luck.  

GC1259 Traditional Cache Kougarok
  No doubt this one has drawn some attention, it has eighteen people watching it!!!! Lets get this straight, fly to nome, travel eight miles out into the middle of the tundra to find a film canister?!? I would do it in a heartbeat. And at least eighteen people would share in the joy...  
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